Remember when I talked about how our prophet came to the desert and spoke to us here?

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Well, the week after that big conference, we went back to that very same spot.  But this time it was set up a little differently:

2019 02 16 iPhone 215399
See all those volleyball courts?  Let’s get a closer look…
2019 02 16 iPhone 215400
Claire was pretty excited to be there.  
The first day most of the games were on this spot pretty much right where the prophet had been speaking:
2019 02 16 winter 215116
2019 02 16 winter 215120
2019 02 16 winter 215125
2019 02 16 winter 215128
2019 02 16 winter 215131
2019 02 16 winter 215139
I like volleyball.  Have I mentioned that? 🙂
This was a three-day tournament.  At the end of Friday I loved walking behind this daddy/daughter duo:
2019 02 16 winter 215143
2019 02 16 winter 215145
Claire decided against playing on Sunday but we were back at it on Monday (President’s Day)…all day long in that huge arena.
2019 02 18 winter 215152
Love this team and the two coaches Claire is learning so much from this season!
It’s so inspiring to watch progression.
2019 02 18 winter 215157
After those two events in that stadium, we are kind of emotionally attached to that place.

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  1. How awesome to have those two experiences at the same location. I've never seen so many volleyball courts set up in an arena like that. WOW!! It made me happy to read that Claire chose to honor the Sabbath. I respect young people who have that kind of conviction. What a light!

  2. This is a little off subject, but per chance does your dad do some "modeling work"? We have some software at work that just did an update and I SWEAR the person on the opening dialog box (where we enter our login/password) is your dad!! I can't attach it here but I'm dying to know if that is him! (the software package is Vista by Viewpoint – owned by Trimble).Thanks.

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