Summer is whizzing by faster than I can keep up. We are trying to keep up with swim/dive team, summer goals, doctor visits and what we like to call “cabin hopping” up in the mountains (we are lucky enough to have some great friends with great get-away places…thank you SO much guys!).

I have a bazillion pictures that I need to download, but in the meantime I have to post some of the school work we went through from the stacks and stacks my kids lugged home on the last day. Boy howdy I want to keep every single thing from some of them. But I scanned my favorites. (Beware that they’re a little top-heavy on the Gracie content but man, she has some good material! They were told to bring in random pictures to spur ideas of what to write about in their school journals. I love that idea.) Here are a few:

(from Grace)

And this one’s from Elle… talk about heart-melter…I have no idea what the assignment was but how sweet is that?

And another one from Grace:
(that one’s a heart-melter too)

And how could I leave this one out?

This next one cracked me up. She started out pretty well with the first two wishes. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy when their child wants to give more to the poor? But we go downhill pretty fast after that one! Hmmmm.

This next one was my favorite. After I started getting all cocky about the nice things the kids wrote about me, this next one gave me a piece of humble pie. Even though this is an awful picture of me I have to post it for the great content:
I have to agree.

I guess I better grow my hair out so I can look “extremely pretty” again!

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  1. I love it!! The fact that I have personally seen all of those "Life Book" entries from Gracie before you makes me feel just a little bit special! 🙂 Miss you all so much!!! Love you!!

  2. I love that you scanned these…priceless!! It is so very obvious what an impact Lucy has had on all of you. Their love for her came naturally because her parents so adore her. What a precious family!

  3. Great stuff! I miss seeing Gracie's smile and hearing her little chuckle when she shared her life journal entries. The STILL "extremely pretty" mom's children have inherited her writing talent! :0)

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