I’ve mentioned this before I think, but my high school dances weren’t nearly as fancy as the ones we have here in these parts.

I would just whip up a dress from the giant floral upholstery fabric I found (for real, I made a bunch of my dresses out of necessity since I was so dang tall and nothing was long enough, and oh! I thought that fabric was just grand!), plopped my hair up in a barrette and I was good to go!

I think I missed out on some fun stuff. I mean, it’s so fun to get dressed up all fancy now and then, right? (Although these kids do miss the upholstery fabric component…)

Love that I get to be part of all this fancy stuff with my girls.

Homecoming was right smack-dab in the middle of a little college friend reunion up in the mountains (more on that later), so it was a little crazy, but Claire and I got everything all situated early so that we could just concentrate on the good stuff when I came back to send her off.

The good stuff like hanging out in your giant tweety bird shirt to do make up and hair. Ha!

I’m no help in that category either, but I think I provided a good moral support at least! 😉 (In between running over to friend’s houses to grab this or that, and one to do eyeliner. Ha!

In preparation we had this dress hemmed up (because you canNOT, apparently, wear a long dress to homecoming…it is from ASOS, lots of people from Instagram asked so there you go), and found some beautiful jewelry and that girl got dolled up pretty beautifully I must say!

I thought this boutonniere my friend made (above) was so beautiful too.

And then her date came to pick her up:

Such a cute couple.

And they were OFF to meet up with everyone else:

I don’t know why I have only this pic of the girls and not the whole group:

I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t the one taking the pictures, but I’ll have to come back here and post it when I track it down from Claire.

She came home with stars in her eyes after such a fun night.

And that’s a wrap for this girl’s last Homecoming dance.

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