I know, I know, September was like, a year ago.  But here’s some of what happened according to my iPhone (and maybe a few from my big camera too). I ate some delicious raspberries.  2013-09-06 iPhone 86516I know, we’re starting off with some serious excitement, right? But will you take a look at those and tell me there isn’t a God?  I don’t think it’s possible.  Fruit always makes me have an appreciation for the artist that God is. Grace accompanied me one of my many times to the Apple store to fix this darn computer of mine.2013-09-07 iPhone 86519 Claire and her friends always make up imaginative games.  Does this sign they used in one of them tell you what’s been taking up the majority of time around our house lately?2013-09-07 iPhone 86520 We got to have a special dinner with Nana and Papa.2013-09-08 Dave's iPhone 90246Love them so. While we were there we went through some old pictures they had.  I thought this one was funny taken right when Dave and I got home from our honeymoon (taken post-cornrow-braids-taken-out).2013-09-08 iPhone 86527 When it rains in the desert, my girls go a little bit nuts.  2013-09-08 iPhone 86522That mud was fun to clean up, BTW. That rain comes so rarely that they feel they MUST jump on the trampoline in their clothes and get soaked.2013-09-08 untitled 86414Skipping that is simply out of the question. Speaking of mud, that rare rain sure creates a LOT of mud at our job-site to maneuver around.  2013-09-10 iPhone 86559(This was taken well after the rain…just imagine it inches deep with mud/puddles.) Our painters were so darn sweet and when they saw my predicament trying to get to my car they whipped up some sweet booties for me.2013-09-09 iPhone 86529 Elle sent me this pic from school after we did “sock” curlers in her hair the night before and she left for school with bouncing curls:2013-09-09 iPhone 86532(To see what I mean about sock curlers click HERE.) Max and Elle came with me to support Grace’s volleyball team:2013-09-09 iPhone 86538 I love them.2013-09-09 iPhone 86542 This is what I found on my phone after the game:2013-09-09 iPhone 86544 …right before this one I took:2013-09-09 iPhone 86548 Figuring out what color to do the fascia on the house:2013-09-10 iPhone 86563 My friend who knew I had a rough day, brought me these:2013-09-10 iPhone 86566 Seriously, how nice is that?2013-09-10 iPhone 86569 Claire and her friend recorded a new “cooking show” to explain the logistics of making a good “hamburger stroganoff.”2013-09-10 the lake 87214 I paid ten million medical bills.2013-09-11 iPhone 86577(Biggest pet-peeve of the century these days…takes SOOOOOO long, and insurance is killing me.  But that’s a post for another day.) I cannot get enough of this girl and her writing.2013-09-12 iPhone 86773 So glad for the iPad at volleyball games.2013-09-16 iPhone 86812 We went to visit our new neighbors: my sister and brother-in-law who recently moved out to the country with us.2013-09-16 iPhone 86825(Dave actually was happy…you just know his personality from that video the other day that he likes to pull the funny faces now and then.) And their baby makes these girls want one in our family so bad.2013-09-16 iPhone 86826 Random pic. of my baby girl.2013-09-16 iPhone 86830 Are you kidding me with Max’s math homework?2013-09-16 iPhone 86833Who in their right mind actually understands that stuff?? I saw this cool house while I was driving and liked it enough to go knock on the door to ask the owner about her siding.2013-09-17 iPhone 86841 Turns out she was the nicest ever and brought me right in to look at a few things in her house.  And extra small world turned out that she is a fellow “Mormon Mom Blogger.”  Her blog is here.  How random is that?  I made the most delicious cookies.  2013-09-17 iPhone 86882Sometimes the worst looking cookies are the best.  I’m going to have to try to perfect that recipe and put it on here some Thursday. We are working on trying to keep the new house a little cleaner under construction.  Here’s Grace sweeping up for a little mother/daughter time over there…boy we worked hard!2013-09-17 iPhone 868842013-09-17 iPhone 86886 Max has been working hard on his club volleyball team.  Claire and I had a special date to watch one of his tournaments and met Dave over there.2013-09-21 iPhone 88291 I have some friends who have just started with the volleyball thing this year with their younger boys.  Reminds me of our first tournaments a few years ago in awe that we had to be there all day long.  Those things take forever!  But SOOOO fun to watch, especially these older, pretty darn good teams.2013-09-21 small camera 88775 Elle’s friend sang at the Constitution Fair.  2013-09-21 small camera 88778 I’m so happy I know her so I can get her autograph and keep it for when she’s famous some day.  She is really good.2013-09-21 small camera 88781 Sunday walks to the new house:2013-09-22 new house 87575 Max blessed the sacrament at church for the first time in September.  (Like communion)  Or maybe it was August?  All I know is that his voice was so clear and deep and beautiful as he said the prayer that it made me cry.2013-09-22 the lake 87516He told us after he could hardly read the words because the paper he was holding was all over the place from his hands shaking so bad 🙂 Our sweet friends came to visit:2013-09-22 the lake 87517 More cleaning:2013-09-23 iPhone 88356 Another friend joined the 40s club.2013-09-25 iPhone 88390Love those girls. A Saturday getting from a volleyball tournament to drop off Elle at the lake:2013-09-28 iPhone 886222013-09-28 Lucy's birthday 884872013-09-28 Lucy's birthday 88497 And in September Elle got back to her regular routine of spending hours on end at the tennis courts each week.2013-09-30 iPhone 88642 At the end of September we also pulled our the Halloween décor (back here).  I cannot believe that holiday is here in two days!

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  1. Shawni, you and your family are so much fun to watch! I love your blog, and have clicked over to your family members' blogs as well. Love them!

    Just please tell me – and I hope you don't think I'm being nosy….what does Dave do for a living? I think you said he started his own business, but what is his "trade"?

    I'm asking because you must have so many expenses with your kids, homes(S), medical bills, etc. And even though I'm sure you are thrifty, the kids don't look like they are doing without – they have iphones, do all those sports (I know that's not cheap!)

    My son is just starting college, and he's torn about what field to go into. He wants to make a good living and provide for his family (when he has one!), but also wants to love what he does.

    So, I ask…what does Dave do to be able to support all of you in such a wonderful manner??!

  2. Cute pictures. That Elle sure is one skinny girl! I also hate medical bills and dealing with insurance. We just had a baby and they are rolling in and being paid in piles, just like you, ha ha! And I am a bright person and a SAHM. What about those people that don't have time or smarts to call and hassle and deal with it all? They are getting gouged even more than I am! Definitely a post for another day.

  3. Dear Shawni!

    You are such a positive example and you write so well!

    I've been following your blog for some time now throughout my travels – been living in China, Indonesia, Japan and now in Singapore and your family's happy smiles are always one bookmark click away, reminding me of the real values in life.

    I remember the post about Max's birthday where you went to see Imagine Dragons. To be honest, it was the first time I heard about the band (embarrassing as I'm working in music industry myself)..but I realised how positive that music was (I ended up getting the album). So I was wondering if you could maybe share in one of your posts more about your family's favourite music. I believe music has such a big effect of how we feel and function so I'm interested to know what kind of music fills your house.

    Sending greetings from tropical Singapore!


  4. So I have a question about competitive sports. My boys are in 3rd and 5th grade and have recently started playing club basketball. Do you let them play in those big championship games that always seem to be on Sundays? Do you ever feel like it's too much sports and they should just be kids? But then when I think that I remember that we live in a big city and if they don't have skills before high school they won't be good enough to even make the middle school team. They LOVE it and are eating up every minute. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on a few questions!

  5. I love your blog and hearing what your kiddos are up to. I also had a question about club volleyball and how you deal with Sunday practices and tournaments. We are just venturing into that world with our vball playing daughter and it is so tough to find a team that will work around that schedule. Maybe you have more options there with more LDS in your community?

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