Ok this first thing is not actually a “little thing.”  It’s a humongous one.

Dave hasn’t been much of a golfer lately.  But at the beginning of September he headed out with some friends and got a hole in one.  Yep, you heard that right, he took a giant swing (with amazing accuracy and strength I’m sure:) and that ball disappeared heading right to the green.

He and his friends followed it to the green and there he pulled it right out from the hole.

They sent me the video of the whole thing which was pretty awesome.

Pretty great “big thing” to check off on his bucket list.

Dave’s brother Bob and his wife came to town in September.

Which of course means that parties abound with all the in-town family.

Here we are after half left the potluck dinner at our house.

My family’s big deal sport that everyone was head-over-heels in love with growing up was basketball.   All my brothers played and we were pretty into the Utah Jazz.  
So it’s funny to marry into a family where football trumps all.  
They all know all the scores of every college team and have a group text where everyone comments on all the plays.  It’s pretty awesome.  Everyone loves BYU so Dave’s brother and his wife had a little swim gathering to watch that first BYU game.  It was so fun to be together and the kids adored the swimming and BBQ, but BYU wasn’t playing so hot.  
But just after a few families had left losing hope for BYU they came back to win with that amazing play right in the last seconds.  You should have seen the eruption of pure glee from everyone there.
I didn’t think to capture the moment until all the jumping and hoopla had subsided, but let me tell you, it was a pretty funny celebration.

Max took off for college at the end of August so September was filled with lots of notes like this from the girls:

Claire decided to dedicate a little notebook to writing him notes every day.

It only lasted five days, but hey, there were two on day 5…

These girls sure miss their brother.

And their mother misses him too.  Sometimes I just ache to have him here at home again.  It took me a while to get to the point where I would even go into his bedroom and every time I gather all the kids my heart aches a little that his giant calm presence isn’t there.

But when I get things like this it makes me calm down:

He loves it so much up there, and is blossoming and learning so much.

At first he was too busy having the time of his life to keep in much contact with home.  It was a whole new world that he was trying to soak in.  So luckily I have friends and even random strangers who forward me things and give me updates.

I already posted this picture, but he and his friends always get the front row for the football games (I guess they take turns manning the camping out spot days ahead), and they are eating up that atmosphere there.

After a couple weeks of minimal contact my friend gave me the advice to set a time to skype each Sunday.

And that advice was golden.  It totally works. Check how excited Max is about it in this picture:)  HA!

That’s a funny pic, but we are all pretty happy to have a little bit to talk on Sundays and these days I can get a hold of him a little better when I call so that makes me happy.  
Just so happy he’s loving it so much…and hopefully learning so much too. 
On the note thing, he left this one for Lu before he left and she keeps it close. 

And also I found this one that had slipped to the side of his nightstand in the packing hoopla…I guess it was a reminder for him before he went to bed each night to remember the most important things.

Isn’t it funny how little things like that can melt a mother’s heart?  Oh how I hope he will always have that great relationship with Heaven that we have tried to help foster.

Next came the big mission call.

But I already told all about that back HERE.

It was one of my favorite nights.

Within a matter of months Max will be committing two years of his life to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ over on the other side of the planet.

…and he’s so excited he can hardly wait.

I’m doing a wall of pictures of our ancestors.  
I want my kids to know where they come from.  I want to be reminded of the stories of those wonderful people who’s blood runs through our veins.  
So I’ve been going through ancestor pictures.
Love this one of my Grandma.

She was graceful and tiny.

Dang I’m mad I didn’t inherit any of that 😉

Grace and I got cavities….and had a little date to get them filled together.Our mouths were kind of messed up for a while after that!

She’s been loving cheering.

She even got to cheer at the Homecoming varsity game which was pretty exciting.

Lucy has a new pretty awesome Braille teacher.

She’s getting pretty good at her little homework assignments.

Claire is so lucky to have some pretty awesome cousins who live close-by.  She adores hanging out with them.  This one is particularly creative when they get together.  This particular visit they made some pretty delicious smoothies:

…and made all our eggs almost too cute to crack when I got them out to make Jackson Soufflé the next morning.

Claire is getting into sketching lately.  This is one she drew up of her favorite activities:

She and a few friends got creative and caught some little frogs in the close-by canal one day.

Lucy is a good bed-maker.

Lately she’s been making her bed like this:

When I asked why Rapunzel was upside down she explained that Hedwig the owl likes to hang upside down so Rapunzel wanted to join him.


Should have known that 🙂

She still has her nose in books…constantly.  Some of her best reading is when I’m doing her hair.  She will read out loud to me and I adore hearing all the expression she puts into what she reads.

Grandparent’s Day comes once a year and since we don’t usually have Grandparents in town I tend to be the “Grandparent” on that day.  I love any excuse to be at the school with these two:

Lucy was so excited and counted down the days.  
When I arrived she presented me with this note:

Oh man she cracks me up.

Some friends at the school after lunch:

Loved this humansofny post:

These cute friends got really into play-doh creations one day.
They were in their own imaginary world for a couple hours creating a little world for their Lego people.

Elle got to go on her “Day Date” for Homecoming.

Such a cute guy that she got to go with.

She “answered” him after the day date, which was probably a pretty classy way to go…
She also took the ACT test.

That is always pretty dang fun, right?

I went out to lunch with these lovely ladies from my church…so many good examples right there…

And I got to go tubing down a nearby river with a group of friends.

It was so beautiful.  I need to take my family back.

Claire and her friends went to some whizbang gym place to practice their moves for as long as their little hearts desired.

We found a little “secret” spot to hang out with these good friends after we went to dinner one night…

…more to that story but boy we sure love these guys who have been with us through thick and thin since college days all those years ago.

Claire got to go to the lake with her friend.

Thanks, Holly, for the great pictures!

Lucy had her annual eye exam.  Her vision is holding pretty well with things they can test but we are pretty aware that many of the things they can’t test are declining which breaks our hearts.

Elle’s friend sang at the Constitution Fair.

I’m telling you, that girl is going to be mighty famous.  She has an incredible voice.

And speaking of incredible voices, we had our Primary Program at the end of the month (where all the kids 3-12 have parts and sing their hearts out for their parents during the main church meeting). My singing-leader-partner and I showed up accidentally matching and thought that was pretty funny.
The kids sang spectacularly and filled up the whole room with the most beautiful spirit.

Oh boy I really do love my calling.

Dave’s parents came to listen in on the program.  So fun to have them back in town for a little while.

Here are the girls after their big debut Sunday performance.

I was a little sad that Lucy was kind of in the back where you couldn’t see her very well during the program because although I know I’m biased, that girl swaying her body and singing her little heart out with emotion just pouring out of her for those songs made the emotion in me swell up so much.

Some day I will try to get a video.  I’m telling you it’s do die for.

We always have Family Home Evening after church and this particular day the girls were pretty excited to be there.  Ha!

I love that family time so much.

Every once in a while when I’m at the grocery store I just have this feeling overcome me that Dave wants to buy me some flowers.

Especially when there are tulips there.

So I help him out and just pick them up for him.  I mean, that’s the least I could do to help him our, right?

Then I text him on my way home and tell him thank you and how much I love them.

Ha.  He’s a very thoughtful guy I tell you 🙂

Lucy is plugging along on her multiplication.  Not sure how fast she is compared to other third graders at this point, but I’m so thankful that she seems to be getting it pretty well.

More cheer…

Homecoming activities…Elle had a pretty fun week.

More about the actual dance later because it deserves a post of it’s own, but here’s a quick pic.

Pretty cute couple right there.

They had a pretty great time.

We wrapped up September taking off for the grand MFME that I’ll have to finish documenting soon.

September treated us well.

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  1. What a great month! My mom told us to just give her a quick call when we were walking in between classes on campus, so even though it was only a 2-10 minute conversation it was really nice to have a quick catch up on the day, she got to talk to us but we weren't committed to a long conversation. I have great memories of doing that! My husband's younger sister is returning from her mission next month and will be up at the Y in January, we are stoked for her and stoked for a reason for us to get to go back and visit, sure love that amazing place!

  2. Totally fun pictures, but you are killing me as I am waiting for the rest of you europe photos! Guess I have to savor them. Boy Claire has really shot up and skinned out as she is just bones.

  3. I love your blog!! It is one of my favorites to read as I start my blogging journey. I had to laugh because I often help my fiancé when I know he wants to buy me flowers (tulips always, too)!

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