Seven years ago my baby was born. Final announcement2006-10-01 horses and lucy jane pothier 095 …with six toes on one foot.2006-10-27 birth announcement pics. 061b&w …and a much-awaited-for smile that could melt your heart.2007-02-12 Lucy 015b&w DSC_0105 She still gets these big tears:2007-10-02 Pecans 0500 ..and still looks like this every now and again:2008-05-15 PS2 0173 But oh how little we could know that day seven years ago what joy she would bring to our family.2008-09-18Fall0297 Nor how much a mothers’ heart could worry.2008-10-16Rocky Point0120 Her feistiness will give anyone a run for their money:2008-10-23kids0440 Her siblings could not adore her more.2008-12-30New Years05352009-05-13end of school0023 And her sweetness has gradually enveloped her tantrums.2010-04-04 Easter-2265 I love her beauty blue eyes. kids-1132010-10-31 kids & Noah's visit 22307 I love how she sees the world and expresses it through her art. I love how she looks when she puts on her glasses…face all scrunched up to get them on right. I love how she says things like “whatevs” and an incredulous “seriously?” I love the noise of complete glee she makes when she opens gifts. I love that she loves schedules and order. I love how she says “hello.” I love how she and Dave say “goodnight” to each other when he puts her to bed:  “guniiiiiiiiiiiiiet Lucy!” real loud from the hallway after he closes her door.  “guniiiiiiiiiiet Daddy!” she yells back.  And I can tell from her voice she has a big smile stretched across her face while she says it. I love that she has learned to look at people in the eye, and how she maneuvers her face and mouth to express what she’s trying to say. I love that she has to give me a kiss before she goes to Primary each Sunday. I love how she sings, and what an amazing imagination she has with all her “guys.” (an example here) But most of all I love that she’s mine.  And that she teaches me things every day. Love you sweet Lucy.  Forever and ever.

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  1. Beautiful! I love when you post "old" pictures of your girls–I am always so taken back by how much they look like each other at different stages. Happy Birthday, Lucy!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lucy. Through your wonderful mommy so many of us have been given a glimpse of you and all your family. Thank you for sharing with us, Shawni. Many more birthdays and blessings for you, sweet Lucy. 🙂

  3. THAT'S what you look like post-delivery? Tan, beautiful, gleaming white smile? In Lucy's word, seriously?!?! I look like I've been dragged out of a dumpster in Hoboken. Happy Birthday to Lucy! May she have her cake and eat it too 🙂

  4. Danika, thanks for a laugh today! I was thinking the same thing but you summed it up much better and funnier! I do not look even decent after having a baby and she is gorgeous!

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