The day before Fall Break it was “shadow-your-student” day.

Which might be one of my favorite days with my kids. You get to be “in” their day for a day (ok, just a half day actually, but still…). This was my view most of the day:

Which made me happy because boy, that girl sure knows how to get around that school! And she also knows how to surround herself with good friends.

Loved getting to know all her teachers better (they are so good…I never wrote about how I met all of them at her IEP surrounding a conference table a month or so ago…and how always those meetings make me cry because I’m so grateful for all the people who love and care for my girl).

Loved learning with her for a day.

(you can’t see any other parents in these pictures, but I promise there were lots there!)

This was our scavenger hunt project in math:

(But I think they were taking it easy on us because I tell you, I cannot understand most of that girl’s math these days.)

There were some tough parts of the day. It was hard to see up-close how she repels the help of her sweet teacher aide and refuses to use so many of the things her IEP allows to help her keep up. I get it, especially in junior high where kids, especially Lucy, want so much to be “normal” which is getting further and further out of her grasp as her vision diminishes.

But the good parts far outweighed the harder ones, and we left the school so happy on our tandem bike.

She’s a pretty good caboose. Love you, Lu.

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