On Friday night, after Claire and Lucy had the first couple days of school under their belts, GRACE my lovely daughter (as she is called on my phone), walked off the plane back to join us here in the desert.

 We were SO excited to get her HOME!

 It had been long enough we had to do the back-to-back test:

HA HA!  Two and a half weeks has never felt so long!  That girl has learned and grown in so many amazing ways, and she has not stopped smiling since she got back, spilling out so many stories and adventures.

Lucy wanted to be the photographer again, just like she was in New York…this is what she got:

 Oh wait, here’s a better one:

She has been telling us all kinds of things ever since, and I’m eating up every word.

We came home and had her show us every picture she had, and all the details, but we still have lots to go.  I’m hoping she’ll do a little guest post on here because she had quite the experience!

It just feels like all is right in the world.  We are all swollen up with gratitude for HEFY. 

Now she’s off to school for her first day of SENIOR year!  More to come on that too. 

Happy Monday!

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