Some very significant things happened last week while Dave was on the other side of the planet (China):

1. Lucy officially moved into her “big-girl bed.” We’ve been scared to death to make this move because, well, it’s Lucy for crying out loud and she’s not an easy night-time child. But I’m happy to report that she has been PERFECT with this transition. She doesn’t get out unless it’s really time to get up and she’s so proud of herself (and so are we).

2. Claire had her second VCUG test (to help get to the bottom of her recurring UTIs) at the hospital and it was confirmed that yes, indeed, her reflux has become significantly worse. (This is a test I had to cry and beg for in the doctor’s office after the nurse informed me very curtly that she was probably just constipated and that she would grow out of it if I would just be patient…I thought I WAS patient for those almost-two-years of having her on daily antibiotics and watching her deal with UTIs in conjunction with bad cold sores).

Following the test the doctor reported that this is something she will not grow out of and we’ll have to do a little procedure at the hospital to fix it next month.

These pictures are what Claire deemed most important to capture with her little camera in the waiting room:Although this test was for some reason more traumatic than when we did it a year and a half ago, somehow being able to pick out a whiz-bang prize from the prize closet made it all worth it (and having this super nice nurse helped out too):Still, I’m not sure she’s gonna like this procedure coming up, prize closet or not.

But while of course I’d never choose for her to go through that, I must say “Hallelujah” that maybe it will mean she doesn’t have to deal with this issue any more, poor girl.

3. I busted out the good old sewing machine and sewed some curtains for our family room. Yes, you read that right. I sewed. (I haven’t pulled out the sewing machine since this day.) I must say I’m pretty proud of myself. Let’s make a pact right here and now though, that if you ever come to our house you won’t examine them too closely.
4. I reluctantly and lovingly packed up half of my Nikon stuff and sent it off to its new owners. Man I am sentimental, but I really did love that stuff. I am, however, really falling in love with my Canon. More pictures to come.

In other less significant happenings:
–Max and I sneezed probably close to 1,000 times combined (we have the worst allergies known to man) and I restrained from scratching my eyeballs out even though I really wanted to since they are SO itchy from the darn allergies.
–I finally got my new lens for my camera so I don’t have to keep borrowing (I got the 50mm 1.4).
–After deliberating and searching high and low for the perfect fabric for honestly at least six months, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my chair for my living room. I know, dumb and shallow, but seriously, hallelujah again.
–Max started serious football practice. Seriously, I can’t believe he’s doing tackle football. More on that later…
–Someone besides me switched out a roll of toilet paper after it ran out.
–The girls and I switched all their stuff and cleaned out their closets in conjunction with the room switch (Lucy took over Grace’s old spot sharing a room with Claire and Grace gets her old one).
–We missed Dave. And we’re so happy to have him home.

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  2. Go Lucy! Hugs to you and Claire for enduring the VCUG test…my daughter Linnea had that procedure done 3 times…and it was HORRIBLE. How I remember the daily meds too. YUCK. YUCK. Hope the next procedure goes well for her!!

  3. Shawni, Hopefully the procedure will work for Claire. Are they putting in the deflux? It sounds weird to put in deflux to cure the reflux! (but that's what they did for Lindsey and it has worked perfectly)Good luck! I hope all is well!

  4. Hi! I am Kierstin, a Utah mom of 3 busy little ones 8 yrs, 6 yrs, and 20 months. I found out about your blog from Sara's blog whom I found from a friend's blog (aren't we funny women to make friends over the internet!). Your family is beautiful and your posts are inspiring (the drapes look great, by the way). Have a fantastic day!

  5. Your blog is such a beautiful treat, a friend shared the link! Great job on the curtains. And congrats on coming over to the Canon side! My 50mm 1.8 went on the fritz & I'm trying to decide if I should replace it with the 1.4 or just get the 85mm 1.8 I've been wanting forever. And a silly question, but I am paint color selecting challenged & I love the color in that room and your kitchen. Would you share? Thanks, Michele

  6. In my radiology days I had to do those VCUG tests. No fun!! Poor Claire! Hopefully that was her last one.
    And a room switch! THat's no small ordeal. You should be proud. I've been working on one for 2 months now!

  7. My daughter had her grade 5 reflux corrected surgically when she was 18-months old. Then she developed grade 2 on the other side after the procedure. Now we're dealing with the daily antibiotics. It's so hard to watch them go through the VCUGs. I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and I love it! Thanks for sharing your life.

  8. My name is Jessica and I have been reading your blog for a while now. My dad was one of your parents missionaries in London…small world. My daughter had to have surgery to correct her reflux about a year ago (when she was 2). Although it was no fun for about a week, she was good as gold after about 7 days of her being uncomfortable…maybe it will help that your daughter is older and potty trained?? Good luck to you!! We are now starting another round with our 9 mo. old daughter who also has reflux. ahhhhhhhh.

  9. They always ask me if Caroline is constipated when we discuss her potty problems. Grrrr…..she doesn't have #2 problems – it is #1!! Caroline has never had the VCUG but Kate did last year – I am sure it is even harder if you are 6 than 1. Hugs to all of you! I am doing room swapping/gutting as well. The drapes are gorgeous!

  10. They always ask me if Caroline is constipated when we discuss her potty problems. Grrrr…..she doesn't have #2 problems – it is #1!! Caroline has never had the VCUG but Kate did last year – I am sure it is even harder if you are 6 than 1. Hugs to all of you! I am doing room swapping/gutting as well. The drapes are gorgeous!

  11. Have you tried Flonase for the allergies? It wouldn't work for Max bc he's too young, but it might give you some relief. Its a steroid nose spray, and I think its OTC now. It usually only takes me one or two doses and my allergies are done. I think I've had the same bottle for six years. Also, for some reason, allergy eye drops can stop the sneezing. Weird, I know.

  12. love the toilet paper comment, it really doesn't take much to make us moms happy!!! my daughter also had reflux and had surgery when she was 20 mo, it made such a difference, she was sick all the time before the surgery, she did get reflux on the other side but grew out of it, she is 19 now and rarely gets a infection. as for those
    VCUG'S they are tough!
    I cannot imagine how someone could think a bladder infection/ kidney infection was constipation? crazy ( im a nurse so i can say that)ha ha! Its funny how as long as you know what the problem is, its just easier to deal with, its the unknown that is scary! hope it all goes well!

  13. Those are some great accomplishments! {I found your blog from Clover Lane ๐Ÿ™‚ }

    I used to work as an xray tech at a children's hospital and know how traumatic VCUGs can be, sounds like she was so brave! And so glad that she will get the proper treatment now! She's adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can't wait to see some great pics with your new camera! And the curtains are beautiful! You did awesome! I love the color! And my daughter Emily LOVES changing the toilet paper! haha! Once I finally showed her how to do it…she goes around and makes sure they're all good to go! I love her ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Wow ! What a list.. You have been so busy especially with your husband gone and with allergies on top of that. What a strong and amazing momma you are! I bet it feels so great to get some of these "significant" issues closer to resolution… yay! Thanks for letting me be a fan. And I love your new drapes. I need to do that too! And in my house of boys I don't think anyone but me has ever changed out the toilet paper roll… sigh…

  15. Shawni,
    Two of my girls have had to have VCUGs and there is a fabulous pediatric sedation team that gives them small doses of Ketamine and Verced so that they don't care what's happening and they also don't remember what happened. One of our hospitals offers it, one doesn't. Is there a hosptial by you that has a ped. sedation team? It makes ALL the difference. There is no way I could do that without the drugs. As much as I hate drugs for my kids, that is TOTALLY worth it.

    Hope to run into you at Women's Conference, if not then hopefully at Bear Lake. I love your blog, btw.
    Jen J.

  16. Hi Shawni
    Both of my 2 oldest boys have had severe kidney problems..One has one kidney and had an operation at birth (he had reflux and a UPJ) and the other had enlarged kidneys (he still get regular ultrasounds to monitor their growth). Been there too many times getting VCUGs, Whitaker Study test, etc. Call me if you want to chat. They are all fine and dandy now but just certain things we need to watch out for like high fevers, no advil, and no football. Sad for them but good for me :). Keep your chin up and carry are a wonderful mom!

  17. I've blog "stalked" forever. Love, your blog and your book! Question – how do you keep your photo files, etc organized well. Month, occassion, child, etc???? Please I need help, just haven't found the perfect system yet!

  18. I read your story about Lucy via the Power Of Mom's website. I loved your story and can relate in so many ways. I can't enter the contest as I am not on Facebook. I blog and don't have time to add anything else to my schedule but I did want to let you know that I loved your post and know how it feels to have one dream die and another one come into your life. My little boy was born 20 months ago with the diagnosis of Down Syndrome. It was a devastating diagnosis for the first 24 hours and then once morning broke the hope came back and the light shown through and I am fighting for him and acceptance in our world. I am always impressed by Mothers who raise children with a disibility and who are doing everything to better their world and to fight for them. Bless you and your sweet little lucy.

  19. Ahhhh,
    the Claire, the Curtains, and the Cannon Camera…..a colossal cocoffany of c's and as always, I choke up a little when I read my amazing daughters sensitive and loving take on life as it really should be!

  20. My eldest had reflux when she was younger (4yrs old). We had a great pediatric urologist at Primary Childrens (where I also then worked – we live in NY now.)

    Anyway, as an alternative to surgery he suggested a program of very low dose Ditropan (a muscle relaxer that effects the bladder) and timed toileting every 2 hours. They do this for 1 year, and in 80% of cases it cures the reflux. We tried it and it worked like a dream.

    She wore a little timex watch that we could set to beep every 2 hours so she would know to go to the bathroom – her teachers knew too & helped when she was in pre-school. She's 17 now & we haven't had any problems since. Worth asking about if you think you might want to try an alternative to surgery.

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