Elle and Grace sang in church on Sunday. In sacrament meeting. All by themselves. (Just kindly ignore me in these pictures because no, I didn’t sing along with them…I just can’t find another picture of them together right now…)

They just went up there and wrapped their little arms around each other in front of that microphone and belted out “My Eternal Family.” They originally learned it to help us in the stake primary for the ward conference stuff we’re doing right now, but they were so excited about it that they jumped at the chance to sing it in church despite the fact that Elle had a totally raspy voice from having a cold.

I’m wondering what planet they are from. Definitely not mine where your neck and face turns bright, splotchy red when you’re up in front of a crowd because you really don’t want to be there. No, they’re definitely from a place where standing in front of a bunch of people and singing with a 10,000 gigawatt smile on your face is the norm…at least that’s how they made it seem!

I was the nervous one…my heart was pounding so hard wondering what the heck was going to happen if they forgot the words. They practiced like 83 times but still, what if their nerves got in the way and they forgot the whole thing? Well, they didn’t and they did great.
Way to go girls!

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  1. They did such a good job! I am a little jealous of both their singing abilities and their lack of fear of being in front of a crowd. I miss seeing Elle on a regular basis from Activity Days…Tell her I said hi!

  2. I will never know how people can stand up and sing in front of people. I would rather pee my pants in public than sing in front of a crowd. The only exemption is primary chorister. That is just fun. Kids don’t care if you sing in tune or not.

  3. Wow, I love seeing this. Especially because I just finished that short history of Grandma Ida Weber who sang her whole life with her sister Lena. Keep it up girls! Your great great grandma is smiling in heaven

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