Phew! I am used to being here spilling my heart out around Easter. I’m so grateful for this space on the Internet to share thoughts and also to learn from others. Even though I haven’t been here writing as much this last week (blog renewal takes more time than I ever thought!), there’s something about Easter that has spoken to me this year more than ever before. Here are six things on my heart leading up to Easter.

Six things in prep for Easter Sunday

My Lent Offering

I think my Lent offering this year has really helped my heart grow even more in love with Easter. And Jesus.

That meditation and delving into a real-life paper version of the New Testament has been so special to my heart. So much I have missed over the years!

Lucy as an Easter Partner

I’ve felt Easter more this year because I have this one remaining at-home-daughter who is IN Holy Week with me like never before.

She’s been begging to watch The Chosen together (we love it so much!) and I can hardly read our morning scriptures since she interrupts every other verse with questions (that I LOVE!).

Ok, yeah, she’s grown up a little since this picture, but I sure love the little and big version of her!

She even sent me a text from seminary a couple days ago, “Mom u think they guy Judas was with could be a key factor of why he betrayed Jesus?” (“the guy” who was depicted in The Chosen).

Good Easter Podcast

Another thing that has helped me so much this year is the “Don’t Miss This” youtube episode for Easter.

You guys, it is SO good and spells out the whole week so beautifully. Makes it so easy to celebrate Holy Week. I love Emily Belle Freeman (who just got called as the new General Young Women President, man oh man she’ll be so good!) and also David Butler and what they put out there in the world to help people follow Jesus. If anyone is wanting a little inspiration before tomorrow, take a listen on over there!

College Girls Home!

My college girls made the trek down to join us for the weekend and we are all so happy to have them here.

This was at the Foundation for Blind Children Easter celebration this morning.

Those big girls love to be with us, but I think they love the SUN more than anything else! (It’s been a rough Utah winter!!)

Easter Gift for my kids

My Easter gift to my kids is a picture of Jesus.

It’s made me feel closer to this holiday as we’ve searched through various depictions of Jesus leading up to Easter. I’ll have to share some of my favorites some time, but there are so many good ideas from others on my Instagram post about this gift (and in my Instagram stories too).


Yes, this is completely un-spiritual last point, but let’s talk about cookies.

Because yummy food is a pretty great “side-dish” to all this spirituality, right?

And someone recommended putting mini Cadbury eggs in Lucy’s favorite chocolate chip oatmeal recipe, and I’m here to say, they did NOT disappoint!

Just make the recipe as-is and add the Cadbury eggs on the top before sticking them in the oven.

I’m here to say that I’ve tried this with my personal favorite cookie recipe, and they are just as good.

(No surprise, right? I mean, put Cadbury eggs with favorite cookies, what on earth could go wrong??)

Happy Easter, everyone.

One more thought I want to share tomorrow, then on to the NEW BLOG on Monday!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Thanks for sticking in here as we great that thing ready to go!

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  1. Shawni, where did you find the picture of Jesus in the boat? I LOVE it and would like to have it in my home!

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