Here are the pictures that go with the last post that I didn’t have time to stick in last night.
I don’t have many because my present to Dave was to leave my camera in my pocket most of the time, but here’s our group (love them…we had such a good time):
And here’s our group deciding which “side roads” to take:
(I almost followed them, but then came to my senses.)
One of my fav. parts of the trip was soaking in how gorgeous snow is.

Seriously, it is so, so beautiful. So beautiful that I had to pull over in a Walmart parking lot and take these shots even though I didn’t have my good camera nor did I have good snow boots to trudge in for a closer look. But you get the idea…. I love how the snow was clinging to those branches.

It made me miss living in snow. Just for a second though, because then I got cold and got thankful to fly home to the desert.
Some day I am going to do a collage of my series of airplane window pictures. It’s too bad I never have my big camera with me and those darn airplane windows are so thick, but I love the variations of beauty you can see from and airplane perspective.

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  1. I would have been taking those blue squares with you if I had been there……I'm so bummed we missed it! Not because I love to ski, but because I would have loved to hang out with you guys. And I would have been right there in the WalMart parking lot taking pictures with you too!

  2. Hey Shawni…I am now dying to hit the slopes! Great pics.

    I was going to let you know that I have 50 extra bookmarks for YW if you want them. I accidentally ordered another set! They say 'Happy Birthday' on the back & cost $30 to print. If you guys want them, they are yours. They are on pearl paper. If not, my mom's ward will probably use them.

  3. I am not a snow lover at ALL but those pictures are really beautiful. I do love to take pictures of the snow on the trees too… Looks like you guys had a fun time.

  4. I love to ski and have not gotten to much in the last 4 years do to kiddos and being pregnant. Love, love your pictures. Can I ask what kind of point and shoot you have. Lost mine last year and not sure what to buy that takes great pictures.

    Happy 2011 Gina

  5. Gina, I just have a little Canon Elph that is always in my purse. I'm not in love with it because it's been dropped one too many times but in it's better days it was a really good camera. I love that it video-records (Claire has taken some video I'm sure will be pretty funny to watch some day) and I love that it's small so I can always have it with me.

  6. It sure is beautiful out our window right now but I'm freezing! I LOVE snow for three weeks…and we've got another about 12 weeks to go! CA here we come!

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