So I’m trying to figure out who invented smoke alarms. How do they keep working when they’ve been pulled out of the ceiling and the batteries have been removed? Why do they seem to randomly run out of batteries only in the middle of the night?

These are things you wonder when you finally have a night where you go to bed before midnight and drift off so easily to sleep and then get woken up at 2:07a.m. to the sound of wailing sirens. Dave and I got up all bleary-eyed and removed as many of those darn things as we could find, chucked out their batteries, and hit them deep under the couch cushions and headed back to bed after the incessant beeping was finally smothered.

But do you think after that I can drift back peacefully to sleep? No. Not happening tonight. My mind is suddenly more concerned about things like what in the world I’m going to dress my four girls in for my brother’s wedding…in two days (tough color scheme I’m trying to match here). Or how my photoshoot turned out from today that I never got a chance to download. Or how I’m going to combat my apparently early onset of what I’m convinced must be Alzheimer’s. Or what if there really is a fire and now all the smoke alarms are smothered. How am I going to get my family all out of the house before it burns down? Then I got to thinking about how I’m sure every mother is crazy busy just like me, but why am I the one who just can’t pedal fast enough to keep up? And Max needs a haircut…bad. And speaking of Max, why does he have to make the best cookies ever when I’m trying to eat more healthy? Seriously they are delicious, he’s quite a little baker. Hmmm. Maybe I should help him start a little cookie business… And there are 183 blog posts on my igoogle account and I’ll never be able to be inspired by reading them all. These are the random ramblings of my brain following smoke alarms.

Now that I’ve got that out, I’m heading back to that bed I was dreaming of curling back up in since I got up yesterday morning. Hoping for at least a few more hours before life hits me smack on again in the “real” morning.

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  1. Sounds like what happened to me a few weeks ago. My hubby was on call so I was home alone and all the sudden heard this beeping going off. Couldn’t figure out what it was and finally did. So I spent the next 30 min. climbing on ladders, trying to find the ONE that was going off… so annoying. Well, then I was UP. COuldn’t go back to sleep. I am a light sleeper as it is and once i am awakened, the rest of the night is usually history.
    SO, hope you make it through today and hopefully can catch a few zzzzzz’s somewhere amongst your busy day. Have a good one.

  2. Shawni – hoping you caught a cat nap before another full mommy day!

    I missed the note in Victoria’s school bag announcing that today was “picture day” at Pre-K and wouldn’t ya know that she left the house in clothes she dug out of the dirty clothes because she declared “Mommy, I’m almost 5 – these aren’t really dirty.”

    Lovely mommy moment, here….

    ♥ Tricia

  3. My carbon monoxide monitor does that ALL the time. It makes me so mad I want to chuck it in the river.

    I hear you on getting no sleep because your mind won’t turn off. That is my constant battle every night. Let me know when you find a solution…

    About reading all those posts. Holy cow! I only read 7 blogs on a regular basis and I think that’s too much! I would pick the blogs that are the most important to you and stick with them. My husband always tells me to do that reader thing, but then I will feel like I HAVE to read them instead of “checking in” when I have some free time. That seems to work best for me.

    Good luck!

  4. That darn smoke detector thing happened to us twice a couple of months ago. Our problem was that it was at 4:45am and then it set ALL of them off. The whole house was awake and we couldn’t get the dang things to stop beeping…LOUDLY!

    I finally called the fire department to just ask them if there was a trick. They were nice and came over and told us that they were just dusty…nice! They said that they can’t differentiate between dust and smoke. So, we bought that compressed air in a can and cleaned them all out!!

    About feeling like you have a million things to do…we are all right there with you. The think that impresses me with you is that you are always so calm and sweet. I’m always frantic! Good luck with everything for the wedding.

  5. We went through that and had to finally take them all down. One of them was possessed and still beeping with the batteries out! Then my next worry wass actually having a fire and not getting woken up by the smoke alarms! I think we just worry as moms – that’s part of our job! Hang in there.

  6. Funny. That happened to us early Sunday morning. Horrible. Rick and I FLEW out of bed and grabbed the kids. All the girls spent 30 minutes in blankets on the front lawn while Rick and Bryton changed out all 13 batteries in our house.
    I’ll tell you what tho, we have totally re-thought about where we need to keep our 72 hour kits and what exactly to have in them. It almost felt like a “warning” to us.
    Did all your alarms beep or only one? All of ours did…talk about getting a headache!!

  7. Those are the questions of life…what makes those things go off? why ALWAYS in the middle of the night? and how in the world to you get them to stop? The last one we had go off ended up under a towel in the laundry room downstairs. It beeped for days.

    And boy do I know about lying there thinking. Doesn’t matter how tired I am, when my head hits the pillow, my mind starts working. And of course that is when you really can’t do anything about what you are thinking about because you are supposed to be going to sleep! 😉

    Good luck with everything going on!

    ps–amazing pictures on your last post!!

  8. We know how you feel- Book a spa day after the wedding, delete the blog account and make your visiting teacher clean your house and make your dinners the rest of your life :)))

    Your fab!

  9. Okay the below pictures are melting my heart like you can’t believe. 6 BOYS AND ONE LITTLE ANGEL HUH???! Unbelievable. What a darling family. Maybe my wishful thinking isn’t good, but I would LOVE a house full of boys with one girl. I think it’d be a blast. Darling pictures…as usual!

  10. I laughed when I read this because the same exact thing happened a couple of times to Tom and I. Its like the smoke detectors are “alive” and can’t be shut-up.

  11. Shawni I have wondered that too! I was at the grocery store and my kids call me tell me they are all going off at the same time. I ran out without buying anything thinking my house was on fire somewhere and my kids were home babysitting.
    I took them apart practically and they were still going off! I wanted to take a bat to them.
    Mine also always start to beep in the middle of the night. So annoying!
    Glad to see I am not the only one who has these problems!

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