We have a plethora of blue skies here in the desert.  Dave and I joke that our weatherman has an easy job.  Most days he just points to a chart with blue sky with a yellow ball placed firmly in the center of it.  So we get all giddy when thunderclouds come in.  The smell of rain on the pavement is extra sweet since it’s such a rarity. So imagine when snow comes along.2013-02-20 misc 70211And yes, I’m calling that slightly slushy rain “snow” because that’s the closest thing we’re gonna get to the real deal around here.2013-02-20 misc 70213 When driving on the freeway I thought I was in Utah for a second (but just for a second) because there was snow blanketing the mountains. The light was so cool that evening.  It was so low and yellow and it looked like there were rainbows everywhere.  I don’t know how else to explain it because pictures can’t do it justice.2013-02-20 misc 702152013-02-20 misc 702292013-02-20 misc 702342013-02-20 misc 70241 Lu and I didn’t actually go out there.  We decided it was a perfect evening to stop everything else and bake bread.2013-02-20 misc 70250 …which made our hands super sticky. Of course we had to have hot chocolate too. I love having a little something like this:2013-02-20 misc 70227 …to shift up your thinking and bring a big smile to everyone’s face.

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  1. i love this!!!.. as I look outside and see mountains of snow drifts that blew in on sunday after a crazy crazy blizzard!!!

    I think if I saw the sunshine I would feel the same as you with the snow, it seems like it's been THAT long haah

  2. So fun! I know exactly what you're talking about with the sky. When it snows here (which isn't super often, but more often than the desert), there is a weird hue to it at night, too. I LOVE it.

    Also, Elle is a brave girl for jumping on a trampoline with snowy/icyness without shoes!

  3. Great photos! I'd definitely be just as excited if I saw snow here in Melbourne. We're getting mostly mid 30's (95ish) here at the moment which is beautiful – although I love seeing all the pictures of the snow coming from America & England. I wish it did snow here in winter, but while it gets cold it's just not quite cold enough.

  4. Hi Shawni! The snow is awesome! I just had to pop in and say–I'm in India! WOW. We flew via Dubai for a couple days (amazing) and have loved it here so far. Well, we've had highs and lows–there is just such a wide spectrum of humanity here. Mumbai was intense and amazing. Right now we're at a gorgeous serene resort in Goa on the Arabian Sea. This is to bolster us for Delhi & the Golden Triangle for the rest of the week! My mind can't stop spinning. It is beautiful and chaotic and smelly and sublime. I'll be SO ready to go back home, but I am in love with India and feel like this trip has been such a gift!

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