Believe it or not, SNOW can actually be found in the mountains by the desert.
You have to be willing to drive…with a not-at-all-fun-to-drive-with child who sometimes even Dora on DVD can’t console…but boy howdy is it ever worth it.

You see, snow is such a rare commodity in our book that I think our kids were more excited to drive into that winter wonderland than they would have been to drive into Disneyland. Seriously.

The glitter of pure glee in their eyes made me want to just kiss our friends who invited us up to their place up there. Thank you thank you thank you.

This trip to the snow gave me four epiphanies:

1) My blood has turned thin from living for eight years in the desert.
2) I am a wimp.
3) Sunday boots made with fake leather are no good for sledding…no warmth whatsoever there.
4) Everyone should, at least once a year, have their toes almost turn into pure, bonifide ice cubes while enjoying snow, and then should be warmed in front of a fire while sipping hot cocoa. It does a body good and toughens up wimps like me.

Don’t go thinking a little cold could deter me from taking pictures. No way.

In fact, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:
I had to post this last picture…what is up with that chipmunk smile?

Sum up:
Snow = fun (at least for a couple days…until it turns all black from cars and stays around until April)

Thanks again, dear friends, for such a great trip.

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  1. There is more snow there than here and I live in Ontario, Canada! Looks like an amazing day; I'm a bit jealous since our kids have been cooped up with blah weather this week.

    That chipmunk smile must be the age–our Mia, same age, does a goofy smile too lately.

    Beautiful memories! TFS!

  2. I'll bet you're so sick of photo question it makes you want to scream. Well, I'm taking a risk you'll be screaming because even though I only know you as a blog 'friend', you're still my first thought when it comes to a photography "phone a friend"

    SO… Really quick-

    #1- do you use a polarizing filter on your camera?
    #2- I've noticed a lot of your photos have increased saturation around the border, similar to a vignette. Is this something you do in post editing? You use Adobe light room?

    You can get in touch through my blog, or my personal email is Thanks in advance if you have a minute to get in touch- I'd really appreciate it!

    P.S. I love your blog and whenever I get bogged down trying as hard as I can to document my two little girls, I think of you doing it with 5 kids and tell myself- you can DO this!!! 🙂

  3. What a fun little getaway! I am in awe of your pictures every time I see them!

    And if you think you are a wimp after 8 years in the valley, where does that leave this wimp who's only been here 8 months?!

  4. My baby went to nursery too yesterday, well, she is my oldest but it was still sad and exciting. She also has that exact same dress that Lucy is wearing.

  5. How far do you have to drive to get to this snow? I think I could honestly go without the snow in my lifetime..but my kids love it too..great pictures!

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