Ok, so there are some drawbacks to living in the desert too.

One of them is that we don’t get snow. And sometimes in the winter you just crave it a little.

Most days of our winter break Max would check the weather and claim it was coming. We were gonna get it…just a trace of snow. He just hoped and hoped all to no avail. One morning the kids claimed we finally got it. We had snow. But this is really what was covering our yard and roof:Poor desert kids…they don’t even know the difference between snow and frost. Claire begged to build a snowman in our front yard. It took a while to explain that ya know, that just wasn’t gonna to work.

So luckily our friends called and invited us up to their cabin in the mountains. It’s amazing that you can drive for two hours and get to this:Our kids were enthralled…it was the best thing that ever happened to them to roll around in that snow.
But there was one kid who thought it was over-rated. I bet you could never guess who…Let’s just take note of these other two posers…are they good or what to just sit there and grin for the pictures amidst Lu’s wailing.And who is that mom who just keeps taking pictures when her daughter is wailing? Well, I just can’t help it. I think she looks so darn cute whether she’s wailing or not.Let’s just go ahead and get her out of the picture. There. That’s a little better:Oh, what’s that? One non-crying picture??And a pensive one…she’s wondering what all the excitement and the two hour drive where she cried most of the time was all about.She just wanted her mom to carry her the whole time…
But we put her down for a nap and boy howdy did we ever soak all that white stuff in.This is Jodi:Not only did she and her family host us, but they outfitted us with the necessary snow gear we were lacking. Jodi even gave up her own snow boots for Elle. Now that’s a good friend. Claire finally got her snowman she had been wanting to build all winter. And I’ll tell you one thing, that girl is a born snowman-maker. Too bad that’s not a major in college because she’d ace it.She made this one all by herself…and promptly fell right in love with it.…and here’s Sadie, the other pro snowman-maker:And while these girls were mastering their snowman-making skills, Max was mastering the jump on the sledding hill:Dave was mastering the Ranger riding:I was trying to capture these perfect eyes:Dean was taking kids on rides on the snowmobile:And Grace…she’s an ace snowball fighter. She got her Dad fair and square over and over again.Claire even got some serious air on the sledding jump…she loved it. She was pretty darn brave.So, even though we could only make it up there for 24 hours (too many doctor appointments to try to pack in the end of the year made it impossible to stay longer), and it caused five heaping loads of laundry, was it all worth it? You bet your boots. We’d do it again in an instant (except we need to get some boots first so we won’t have to borrow next time).

Thanks Lewises… you guys are the best.

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  1. We just did the same thing!!
    LOVE the snow!
    I love, love, love the last backlit pix! Isn't it refreshing to have a whole different environment to take pictures in??
    How in the HECK do you find the time to get all these edited & posted?!! I'm still trying to do Christmas!
    P.S. – I just got a bunch of snow boots at Ski Pro that were clearanced out.

  2. What cute pictures! Your kids are so cute….love the one of Lucy wailing her guts out! She is just so munchie! It looks like you had a great holiday!

  3. Seriously I am going to have to meet that Lucy one of these days….Love that you capture her even when she is crying…and yes she is still adorable even when she is crying. Beautiful snow pictures.

  4. You have the best of both worlds! Snow just two hours away and SUN the minute you pop your head out your door any other time. I could love the desert. I’ve imagined myself on your new years run and I feel jealous. 🙂 Someday I will make it back to the west. Hopefully while I am still alive to enjoy it!

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