Grace started her first season of soccer, and Elle her second.

And they both ADORE soccer.

I’m so happy about that but man alive life is killing me because of all these practices and lessons and extracurricular mumbo-jumbo. I sat there last Thursday wondering how it has come to the point that we had a piano lesson, two tennis lessons, football practice, soccer practice, and basketball practice all in one afternoon/evening. That’s on top of homework and practicing and reading and trying to squeeze in family dinner in there. What in the world happened to my nice theory to slow things down and not give-in to signing kids up for everything under the sun??

All I can say is we’re taking spring off after all this.

But I digress.

Soccer is Heaven to these girls right now.Elle is playing with one of her best friends and her Dad is their coach again:

And Grace is playing with a couple cute friends and is getting the hang of it pretty darn quick.
Claire is a fun companion to have on the side-lines….Lucy, not so much.
The sisters with the sisters:
It’s gonna be a fun, busy season.

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  1. Yay for soccer! We love soccer too!
    My problem is my oldest loves soccer, basketball, volleyball, jazz, tap, ballet, and wants to play the guitar along with her piano! Ahhh, I told her she can't do it all.
    Last week she asked if she could take tumbling…I said NO WAY! Obviously we don't do all of it at once but It is still overwheleming. SO my question to you Shawni is this: She loves all these things and she thinks she's AWESOME at some of these (which I am SO glad she thinks that) but in reality I can see she is better at some than the rest. I don't want her to only feel like she can do things that she is good at but I have to admit there are a couple of things that are a bit more "challenging" for her if ya get my gist.
    How do you limit stuff and which ones should we? As a parent there are MY favorites. I was a soccer/tennis gal and of course havea soft spot for that.
    Have you come across this with your kids?

  2. P.S. I also realized how much money is put into these activities and man we could go live abroad for three months with the cost of it all!
    Crazy!! but of course worth it right 🙂

  3. I sure do wish my girlies would play soccer or ANY sport! tennis is one I esp. would love to see them play. I may have to force them to 'try' it and then hopefully they will fall in love with this! My girls are only in a few things: GEMS at church (girls everywhere meeting the savior), student council and chorus. they don't have a desire for sports and since I am not athletic myself, how can I expect them to try it!?!
    LOVE these pix!

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