A couple days before Thanksgiving Dave and I snuck away to our friend’s son’s wedding.

We were living on the wild side (ha!). But really, Thanksgiving week is so busy leading up to the Turkey Trot we didn’t know if we’d be able to make it work. But somehow it happened. That “somehow” included Steve (the father of the groom who is our friend) and his son picking up the four huge Turkey Trot “I am thankful” boards in their trailer and telling us they had them covered despite all the wedding planning going on, and they wouldn’t be talked out of it. (Those thankful board suckers are a HUGE job, and have to be painted over and over again). That and a few other things came together and we got to sneak off overnight, just me and Dave, to celebrate with our friends.

Loved sitting in a little courtyard covered with ivy watching Brenden and Malia make vows to each other, then sitting in the sealing room at the Newport Temple watching a new family form.

Two of our other good friends came too, and we all got to bask in the wedding festivities.

Dave and I stayed at a fun place overnight and took a little bike ride breakfast date in the morning sitting at a little restaurant right on the bay.

I stayed a little longer than Dave taking in the cool architecture and perfectly manicured little walkways.

These two are the ones who took such great care of us in Hawaii when I dropped off the girls there (back HERE). They are the best couple and I can’t wait to see where life takes them.

And these are the best of friends.

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  1. Finally. So glad for the policy change! Public vows, then a sacred sealing. Everyone can just enjoy while doing things according to faith without hurting family. Just like the members in rest of the world.

  2. Beautiful wedding, radiant bride. I’m so glad that your church changed the policy of having to wait a year. I’m in the UK and there is no waiting because a temple sealing isn’t recognised by law and you have to have a legal ceremony first. It will be so much better than having the members of one family left out in the cold. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be if your son or daughter joined the church and you couldn’t be there to witness the marriage Especially as it does nothing to take away the sacredness of a temple sealing.

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