We got home from Africa on Sunday night, and bright and early on Monday morning Lu and Grace had some teeth business to deal with:  Lucy got her braces off, and Grace got her wisdom teeth yanked.

At the very same time.
This is all well and good, but the surprise was that last month when the orthodontist told Lucy her teeth were ready, and we set up the braces removal date, Lucy decided she wanted to surprise everyone with her news.  She vowed me to secrecy for over a month.
I told her I was with her, that would be fun.  But I have to say that never in my wildest dreams did I think she’d really last for so dang long.  That is a long time to keep such an exciting secret!  And we were going to be with the whole family for two weeks before the big day.  I asked if we should at least tell Dave and she shook her head.  This was going to be the best kept secret ever.  
And guess what?  It totally worked.  We even told the ortho (one of Dave’s best friends since childhood) not to mention anything to Dave and he didn’t.

So this was the reaction when we met up with Dave and Claire who were in the waiting room in another dental office for Grace who was getting those wisdom teeth pulled:

Ha!  I love the jaw drop.

And Lucy was so pleased with herself.

Grace was pretty excited too:
She’s saying “I’m so happy for you!”  And “that makes me cry I’m so happy for you!”

Here’s the “before” shot:

(Of course, because our family has such a fond relationship with cold sores, one decided to join in for the braces removal…)
And here’s the “after” shot:

Sisters taking care of sister at home:

And good friends taking care of that sister as well:

It was a morning to remember 🙂


  1. Sorry to hear your family suffer from cold sores! I do too sometimes. Have you guys found any quick healing methods? I started taking Lysine tablets every day which seems to have helped. I do find the sun and stress are big causes!

  2. I second (and probably third and quadrillion!)…The videos are PRICELESS! They made me cry happy tears. Such great girls you have. The world is beautiful 💖

  3. Low dose Valtrex taken every day will also prevent cold sore outbreaks. Don't know if that would violate her study medication protocol though. As one who had her braces until middle of Junior year, it's fabulous to start middle school without braces. Such a dazzling smile.

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