Ever since we had our reunion theme of “Think Again” last year (back HERE, based on Adam Grant’s book, Think Again…if you haven’t read it you should!! My thoughts on it are HERE), I’ve been a big Adam Grant fan.

Someone reposted this from his Instagram and I’ve been thinking about it.

The more life I live, the more I realize life is sure filled up with ups and downs. We are quick to celebrate the ones that are glorious: making the soccer team, getting a promotion, the sparkly ones we want to post about on Instagram.

But as I do my job at church, as I mourn and celebrate with close friends, as I deal with my own children (and myself) both reaching summits and clawing their way out of the depths of the valleys, I almost appreciate the second “strength we should also admire” in the cartoon above even more than the first.

Sometimes we have to stay in that valley for a long, long time. And that’s ok.

But I think it is such a tremendous astonishment when you can reach the other side. Even if you still have a LONG ways to go to get back to where you started, and you’re still clawing to make slow progress.

To me that is real life.

Some day we will all look back and realize the headway we’ve made.

As a side note, I sure hope that people who read this blog realize there are so many facets to this family of mine. Although I generally share the good things, especially as my children grow older and their mistakes and problems and struggles become more private, just know we do have our fair share of those valleys. They are real and deep.

But man, we are sure working on them.

And learning so much along the way.

Here are a few other thoughts I’ve been thinking about (from a while ago, but just some food for thought):

That one on the right is so interesting, because the tiny cracks in the armor, like this tiny 2 millimeter, grain-sized hole, can make such a difference. If we let in seemingly insignificant, tiny thoughts, comparisons, jealousies, their scope can grow and be so detrimental. I don’t know the answer to that, but interesting to think about.

Ok and one last thing: September 7th (next Wednesday), is the last day to sign up for my parent’s new “Grandparenting 101” workshop. Here’s a note from my dad:

If you are a parent, have your parents register! Three-generation families are the answer to the question “How is the best way to raise kids today?” This course will teach your parents to help without stepping on your toes!

Thanks for being with us, following us, communicating with us, and raising families together for all these years.

We love you,
Linda and Richard Eyre

Just go to grandparenting101.com and scroll down to “Registration.

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