It is raining here in the desert.

It was raining yesterday too.

And the high is supposed to be 79 degrees.

THAT is a cause for some serious celebration in these parts!  I got to wear long pants and didn’t almost fall over from heat stroke :).

It was a beautiful day…that weather took a little bit of the bite out of the fact that my baby was turning one year older.  Ok, yes, I do hate that my kids keep getting older, BUT I love it too.  Lucy was surrounded by so much goodness and love yesterday my heart kept overflowing with gratitude for her and for her friends and teachers and church leaders who all love her so.

But the celebration I want to talk about today doesn’t really have anything to do with rain or birthdays.  It has to do with the fact that MAX IS ON THE BYU MEN’S VOLLEYBALL TEAM!

Yep, it’s true.  Check out this roster:

That screenshot is somehow a little blurry…click HERE for the actual link.

Oh yeah, baby!

We are so dang excited for that kid and all the adventures and stretching and learning experiences that lie ahead for him! 

He signed on and had his first official team meetings a while back.  He loves the coach and has met so many great kids on the team…kids from all over the world.  He went in for his first early-morning weight training that first morning.

All good.

Then he went in for his first official practice with the team, went up for a block…and broke his finger.

Yes, you read that right.  What are the chances??  First practice.  First day.

Oh boy.

Luckily there was a pretty great trainer there and pretty great medical care for the team.  At first they were a little worried he’d need surgery, but it turns out they just opted for an extra large cast to cover the majority of his right hand and wrist for the first month of school.

No big deal 🙂  I mean, it’s not like you really need your right hand to type or write….or play volleyball.  Gosh darn it!

First it was this temporary thing:

Then they moved him to this cast for I think four weeks:

(Can you tell how excited he is about that thing?  Ha!  He’s a good sport…thank you for the picture, Abby!)
He took it all in stride and has been patiently waiting for it heal as he’s doing as much as he still can do during practice and getting to know the team.  Luckily it’s off season and it should be all the way healed up soon.  We hope!
He just got the cast off this week and I think they’ll let him start in on real hitting again in a couple weeks.  
A good adventure for the record books.
And many more adventures on the horizon with such a great opportunity to be part of that team!  So excited for the upcoming season!!
Maybe that bracelet that sweetest-man-ever gave me back in Cambodia (back HERE) is still working as a good luck charm 🙂
Go Max!


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