Back in February a couple of my high school friends came to the desert for a visit.

Human connection is such a beautiful thing.

I think we feel it’s beauty more than ever in the world right now where it is so limited.

It made me so grateful for these two women who have been with me through thick and thin since I was younger than my youngest child. Oh the stories we can tell! The dares, the conversations, the boyfriends, the late nights filled with any adventure we could muster up. I don’t know how all those years have flown away so quickly.

We found a deal at one of my favorite iconic hotels here in the desert, built by Frank Lloyd Wright, the architecture is so cool.

Loved that these guys appreciated all that beauty along with me.

We basked in the beauty from the architect of the earth along with the architectural building genius beauty:

My beloved desert.

Oh! I love this place!

…and the conversations and thoughts with these women I love so much. (Along with our favorite Thai Steak salad from Hillstone it has become a tradition to get together here…I think that is my favorite food in the whole wide world.)

We have all gone through so many things over the years as we have taken different routes after high school, learned so much, struggles and heartbreak mixed in with joy, all woven into this tapestry that joins us together.

I love them and that we get to share in all that each time we connect.

Yes, human connection is the best.

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  1. Getting together with old friends is the best! I need to hear more about that hotel, Iā€™m such a fan of FLW!

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