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We are at the point, here in the desert, where it is sunrise right when we meet for scriptures/breakfast in the mornings.

Yesterday, pink light was spilling in all our windows as the girls sat at the counter and we had to run out to greet it on that front porch, our bare feet on the cold cement, breathing in that morning glory.

On a different note, lately I have been thinking about capacities, and how do we expand them.

Is it our job to expand them? Is it our job to get comfortable with them?

I listened to this podcast a while back from Brooke Snow about “saying it” that helps us believe it (you can listen to it HERE).

Do you believe that? Do you believe that you can “will” yourself to a more expanded capacity?

I’m thinking about it because I’ve just started on some new goals (with my “action partner” Claire who’s also doing her own goals), to get my life in order.

There is so much coming up at Thanksgiving time and then into the holidays, I don’t think I can do it with my desk spilling over and so many thoughts rumbling around in my head. In some ways it seems like my Grandma’s quote about doing “the impossible.” But it’s interesting how setting a firm plan to change a couple tiny things can change my thoughts (reminds me of Atomic Habits).

Ok, and before you go thinking I’m awesome or anything, just know I’m only two days in…and the goals are teensy. But Oh! the feeling that just tweaking a couple thoughts and actions can bring!

An added measure of capacity in my opinion.

I wrote down this quote from a book a while back…(I think it was from The Invisible Live of Addie LaRue, and I loved it:

A moment.

As brief as a yawn, and then her heart will quicken.

Something she doesn’t yet have the words for. She will already be a different version of herself, a room with the windows all thrown wide, eager to let in the fresh air, the sunlight, the spring.

Each day we are different versions of ourselves. Isn’t that cool to think about?

The question is: are we going in the direction we want to go?

If not, let’s make some changes!

One more quote I wrote down but I have no idea from where:

***Everything we learn gives us the capacity to take in more light***

I told you, jumbled thoughts, but just wanted to get those out today.

Sending out lots of love…and LIGHT…from our pink sunrise to yours.

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