I know I talk about technology a lot on here.  I wrote about it HERE, and HERE and HERE, and I think most recently
HERE (with Colin Kartchner)…and probably 193 other places as well.
But it’s something I get little nudges to think about often.  Something that I believe all of us need to think about often.  Because it is taking over our world.  The good and the bad.  And it’s so important not only for us to be aware of the lures of the not-so-good stuff, but for our kids to be aware as well.
I came across this little blurb on Instagram a little bit ago and took a screen shot:

Since I’m raising so dang many girls that stuck out to me a little more poignantly!…(and also, I love r2sense…they are a family I knew growing up who post some great ideas).

Another big nudge to be more aware came this week from my “Dragon Mother” friend Heather Clayton Staker who has a new podcast that I LOVE.  She just did a podcast about cell phones in the summertime over HERE and you guys, it is SO GOOD.  Here’s a little overview:

I’m so inspired to work on my Relationships with my kids (so much time this summer to do that, whether on a road trip or at home), bring more Awareness through discussions, set up better Protection, and work on not getting burned out Sustaining, as always, the whole dialog and discussion that will help our family stay a little more tethered to real life.  And to each other.

Again, you can listen HERE.  I’m off to watch her little video tutorial to set up some cellphone protection (I am always trying to learn more…that tutorial is HERE), and keep my kids moving and outside and looking into each other’s faces rather than their cellphones this summer.  There is so much beautiful life to live!

Thank you, Heather!


  1. I have been wondering what to do about my two teenage daughters' summer cell phone use so this was an answer to prayers. Thank you for sharing what you have learned with us.

  2. Excellent post. Interesting times we live in for sure. I remember a few years ago you posted about giving kids a contract with their first cell phone. That was brilliant. I copied that and it has worked very well (with some learning experiences for my teens as well). Thank you for that and this summer cell phone insight.

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