When Max and Abby realized that they were going to be in the VERY SAME CITY as Grace at Christmastime, they got permission to go see that sister of theirs.

And they were so excited with anticipation.

All three.

Ok, really all nine, because ALL of us were pretty excited about that little piece of excitement. Man, we MISS that girl! And she was needing a little extra love from home.

(Usually you don’t get to see your siblings while they are serving a mission…when Max was in Taiwan we only got to talk to him twice a year…but things have relaxed a little over the years and this was such a perfect opportunity.)

And then Grace got transferred to a new area right before Christmas, and this little reunion dealio got a little tricky intermixed with Abby’s extended family all gathered together.

But do you know what? A little angel helped make it happen: Abby’s mom, Sarah. She got up early and whisked Max and Abby an hour away to Grace’s new stomping grounds, (Max was too young to rent a separate car), and got them all back in time before they missed anything else.

And Dave and I wanted to just bawl when this reunion popped up on our little group family text chain:

With these pictures:

Glowing happiness oozing out of all three.

Oh man.

Sometimes seeing your kids together is almost as good as being there yourself.

Ok, forget it, I wanted more than anything to reach through that screen and hug all three. Definitely not as good as being there. But that was sure some good salve for my mama heart.

THANK YOU FOREVER, angel Sarah, for helping this to happen.

It was the top best gift of the season.

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  1. Joy just oozed through the screen here! It was so great to see them together this week and to get the greatest email from her. She is such a treasure!

  2. Isn’t Max over 21 ? He can rent a car. Unless he has a lot of tickets or violations on his record. He’s not too young. What was the real reason?

      1. All the major ones are 21. They charge a surcharge if you are under 25, but you can still do it. Not sure how much, but better than a couple married 2 years getting Mommy to do it. Need a credit or debit card. Please tell me this couple has one…

        Another reason you should be grown up before you get married.

    1. Apparently this one was 25, and even if not, yes they could have finagled that but Abby’s mom was so happy to accompany them having had her own missionary in the field. I only mentioned that because I’m just so grateful for her! Especially when I saw all that happiness from the pictures. What a great opportunity for them all!

    1. I just know what I’ve read here. And it is incorrect. Either Shawni is clueless about this too, or there is another reason. Just asking, since the info given was not correct.

      1. I thought you had to be 25 too. It may be one of those things that everyone “knows” so no one even bothered checking.

        For what it’s worth (so very little), I am 100% sure if I were in a similar position, my dad would have insisted on driving us – because he’d get that hour (both ways!) in the car alone with us. Great chatting time. It may be that Abby’s mom volunteered to help, and no one did any more research. Nothing to do with being “not a grown up” just mom-love, from a mom that doesn’t get to spend as much time as she’d like (I’m assuming, since they don’t live in the same town).

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