(The guest post is after this brief background explanation.)
After negotiating dates with my parents for a while, we finally came up with some that would work for “group 3” aka “the Babes.”
You see, my parents plan is to take each “group” of grandkids on a motorhome trip for a few days when they reach a certain age.
The trouble is, this year when group 3 reached the right age and stage, my aunt had sold her beloved motorhome they had borrowed for the big trip.
But my parents didn’t let that stop the motor home trip.  They decided, in the midst of their speaking engagements and traveling, that they had a few days in between where they could meet the Babes in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas?? You might ask?  But hey, turns out there are some great things there, and it was centrally located to make it work.

So one day we got this via email:

And it was time to get ready.

There was excitement sprouting out of Claire like nobody’s business, and nervous energy too:

It was her first time to fly alone to meet them.

I’m going to go ahead and let her take it from here.  This is her synopsis of her trip with her two cousins and her Grandparents:

Hi! This is Claire. Las Vegas was SO much fun! It was a little scary at the beginning when I had to get in the security by myself and fly by myself, but in the end, it was all worth it.

This is a picture of me saying by to my mom when i was going into security. And I got to admit it, I got a little emotional and teared up. But hey, what do you expect a girl to do when it is the first time flying by herself!

I got through security and found my gate and started to get settled when I saw my mom looking around. I yelled “Mom!” She was trying to surprise me but I guess I surprised her! We got to talk a little more until it was time for me to board. We said bye gave each other kisses and hugs.

This is when I was about to board and I just HAD to take a picture and send it to my family.

The flight was pretty scary. There was a whole bunch of turbulence. But on the bright side, I got a whole row to myself! The flight was really short and pretty soon, I landed in Las Vegas!

When I got out of the airplane, there were my cousins sitting there and waiting for me. I was so excited to see them but, they told me that they could not find my grandparents! They kept telling me that we would have to leave soon and take a train to our hotel. I then called my grandparents and they said they were gambling. Huh, little strange. I looked around and there they were sitting by some gambling machines trying to pretend to be gambling. They got me! Everyone was behind this trick! And I totally believed them!

This is when we all united together at the airport!

We went to the hotel and got a good nights rest for in the morning when we went on the High Roller! It was amazing! I felt like we were on op of the world!

When we were at the top of the High Roller!^^

My grandparents then told us that we were gong to go see 4 hotels that were incredibly awesome! We had to judge out of the 4 which one had the best lobby.

This one was the last hotel we went to, which was SO COOL! It was Japanese themed and had so many flowers! It was so pretty! We had a little lunch there and it was so delicious! I think we ranked this one number 1!

Next we realized that there was a hotel right next to us that had a zoo! We went there and there were dolphins! Yep that is right. Dolphins! We watched the dolphins swim then we went and saw tigers and lions! It was so cool!

This is when we were looking at the lions. Can you spot it?

Well that is a wrap up! I still have so much to tell you about this trip! It was so amazingly incredibly awesome!  I loved seeing all the cool things but I think my favorite part was talking about a whole lot of stuff together.  Thank you so much Grammie and Grandfather for making that the best trip ever!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!
    Really admire the relationship you have with your cousins and grandparents. Hopefully my little girls can have that one day too 🙂

  2. Claire, can't wait to hear more about your trip. It looks like you had so much fun. What great Grandparents you have! You were brave to fly by yourself, I don't even know if I'd want to do that…

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