First of all, just want to share this picture I came across the other day because I love it so. It is of little girls Elle (post edit…this is GRACE, not ELLE…yikes!) and Lucy waiting for the boat to come get them one summer years ago at Bear Lake. There are lots of things I love about this picture, but see if you can spot what makes me love it even more:

Ha! Look at Lucy’s right arm. I didn’t even realize it was stuck in there until I was looking at my pictures when I downloaded them after the fact. And when I saw it it made me laugh out loud. That little sweetie was just acting like it was no big deal to have her arm strapped in.

The count-down is on for this missionary of ours. She leaves a week from yesterday and it’s starting to get real. We got her flight plans last week and that email sure made a lump in my throat.

Not only am I going to lose my tennis partner, I’m going to lose hanging out with one of my best friends. So thankful for this home MTC business that we’ve been able to be together…and play tennis just about every single day (amidst so many other things).

I love that our neighbors took it upon themselves to make sure she gets actual real mail in the mailbox (since this experience isn’t anything like the original MTC experience where you wait with baited breath for mail). They’ve sent her stuff like this letter each week and I think it’s the sweetest:

I got to go to the mountains and see the most gorgeous leaves.

Fall takes my breath away. I cannot drink it in enough. It’s not happening here in the desert yet, but I did notice this morning that a tiny bit of orange is starting to creep up one of our trees in the back yard.

Elle is deep into freelance graphic design in Florida. It was fun to see tags she designed in this fun little shop in Provo:

(If you’re in Provo and like tie dye you should check this place out!)

I loved seeing this the other day from my friend Eva:

This is what Eva says about this artwork: “This piece is about focus. Where we look and turn when times are really tough. We may not be able to erase all shadows, but we can determine to look for light.” I thought that was beautiful.

This is how I dropped off Lucy at school the other day for “mismatched Monday:”

Ha! Grace helped her into all her mismatched glory and it was one of those days where you sure hope someone else is dressed up too! (they were, and she had the best day).

I’m so, so sad about the passing of Collin Kartchner. So grateful for what he did for thousands of kids to help them see the places where approval doesn’t matter. And I’m so grateful he taught me about the 8-second hug and so much about social media to be aware of. He has changed my parenting for the better, and I know he’s done that for so many parents all over the world. I loved this challenge that someone posted:

So many good ideas. May his legacy live on in all of us he has touched. And may his family be blessed. My heart aches for them.

This is how my desk looks on most days. And I think about that little quote written on that blue post-it note there in the middle a lot. I wrote it down at church during someone’s talk ages ago and have kept it ever since:

Let’s get a better look at that:

Our choices, big and little, have the power to make such a difference. For better or for worse. I love the reminder to guard them well.

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