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some recipe tweaks, just in time for Thanksgiving

by Shawni

Who’s getting ready to cook up a storm next week?

These aren’t really “Thanksgiving” recipes, per se, but they are more like recipes you might want to make for comfort to get you through:)

And I guess I should call them clarifications rather than tweaks, but I have three tried-and-true recipes I’ve shared before that I want to add to, so here you go:

Barbi’s Incredible Home-Made Bread

This recipe is over HERE, but we had Barbi herself some do a demonstration for us in the Relief Society so that we can all try to figure out her magic.

(It was near Halloween, can you tell? Love those witch hats floating up there!)

It was an awesome little lesson.

And I’m going to add these pictures to my original recipe because you kind of need to see what it means when the “gluten forms” and the bread is ready to put in pans.

This is not ready:

But this dough is:

I’ll explain more over HERE.


Ranger Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have a LOT of favorite cookies around here, but this is a resurfaced favorite.

There is nothing like all those textures in there: oatmeal, coconut, and the best: rice krispies.

Ok, but after finding other chocolate chip cookie recipes that lured me in with a few particular techniques, I added a few things on that recipe (HERE).

Specifically whipping the butter and sugars together for four minutes before adding the eggs and adding 1/2 tsp. cornstarch (Modern Honey ideas).

And also adding one extra egg yolk (an idea from my best-baker sister Saydi who gave us this recipe in the first place).

With these extra touches we were dying with deliciousness when we made them twice in the last two weeks…

And all I got was a picture of the dough, but hey, it’s always good to have an excuse to bake these puppies again to get a good photo of the finished product.

And last but certainly not least:

The Best Brownies in All the Land

Ok, this one I just added pictures of the process. And they’re totally not even professional pictures, but if you’re visual like me, you like to see the process.

Get the recipe HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving meal planning!

OK…sorry but one more speaking of Thanksgiving:

Wendy’s Delicious Dinner Rolls

Lu and I made these a couple weeks ago and those things sure melt in your mouth…

“Little Elle” with the cooked product:

That one actually could be used for the Thanksgiving meal itself.

Recipe HERE.

Ok, now really signing off!


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