I’ve been slow to post about this, but TODAY IS THE DAY:

Season 2 of “In the Arena” goes live.


We have been working hard whipping up new episodes, and guess who our guests are for episode number one?

Yep, those two sweeties up there.

Ok, they’ve grown up a little bit since the blessing day of that first baby (Saren).

Have I mentioned they are my favorites?

So it was so fun to have them join us as they helped set the record straight (ha!) from what we talked about the first season, and it was so fun to pepper them with a few questions…from us as well as from listeners.

So tune in today on any podcast platform, (just search for ‘in the Arena with The Eyre Sisters”) and see what you think!

Also, join our community on Instagram for all kinds of updates and tidbits…and to give us any kind of feedback, we love to hear from you!

Happy listening!


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  1. Loved the new podcast! Especially the part about the one introvert. Curious about who that is. Made me think a lot about my own kids and their God-given personalities, strengths, weakness, character, etc. particularly, do I accept who they are (messy rooms, introverts, etc etc) The podcast always help me think through my own parenting. I loved hearing from your parents! I hope you’ll have them back on.

  2. I just love your moms hairdo in that picture!!! Exactly the same as my big sister used to wear back in the day!! And that dad of yours just never stops smiling!!

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