Dave and I just had the opportunity to be the chaperones on a senior trip to Lake Powell with Claire and her friends and it was quite an adventure with the “unexpected” rearing up a few times, but man, life on a lake is the best in my opinion.

And also, Lucy just finished up with a pretty incredible accomplishment that I will have to write about. Such a big deal for her as well as for her mama.

But in the meantime while I’m trying to get my bearings straight being home again and wrapping my heart around all of that, let’s take a gander back to a different “lake trip” right here local when we had “family night” on the lake with Dave’s sister and their family.

When it’s hot as blazes in the desert and you have your lake-loving daughter in town, and you get the opportunity to be with extended family during the golden hour you lap it up.

Love these sisters.

My nephew:

We were all so excited we cajoled Lucy into trying the old “father/daughter surf trick” just like old times.

It took some time, but we got her going:

But then the result wasn’t quite this in the old days:

(are you kidding me on that picture on the left? killing me with darling)

It wasn’t even like this:

(a not-so-successful try:)

That girl has grown up so tall this is all we got:

Oh and this.


I so love that she tried!

The older girls did some good stuff though.

Apparently this is the best I did with the whole crew…Dave cut off and James backing the car in, darn it:

But oh, that place is a little piece of heaven I tell you.

Love nights when we can get to the lake!

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  1. Beautiful! I keep trying to figure out how that surfing behind a boat works. Do they use the rope and boat to get going and then they drop the rope and the wake from the boat gives them the forward momentum? It looks like so much fun.

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