The old African proverb that “it takes a village” is so beautiful to me.

Especially when I think of the villages that buoy up those I love.

I wanted to talk about two great villages in my life today:

A village of neighbors…and one in Ukraine too

I’m so grateful for our neighbors.

They are rockstars.

Oh, we rarely see them, they are off on all kinds of adventures quite often. But they are filled up with love and goodness and teach us so much!

I loved sitting around the table with them as we all worked on our thank you notes for our annual Children for Children concert. Those kids having put their hearts together to work to raise money for those in need who have fled Ukraine.

I loved their big eyes of those kids as we talked about the generosity of those we were sending thanks to. And talking about the goodness their services will do to help kids just like them in a faraway land.

Linking our hearts together.

Love that village over in Poland working so hard to help Ukrainian refugees as well that we were raising money for (Reach Humanity).

A village of volleyball…and siblings

I’m also so full of gratitude for the village of volleyball and the people it’s brought into our lives on so many different levels.

Claire had her final volleyball banquet last month.

I was a little bit dying inside that I couldn’t be there for that grand finale.

And it filled up my heart more than I can say that these kids could be there to be her “village” as she wrapped up that season of life:

(Abby too, but I think she was too busy documenting for me to get in the pictures.)

The end of years and years of volleyball for that girl.

And really, volleyball for our whole family.

It was such a good season, surrounded by that village of GOOD people on her team.

The kids sent me the video of the little tribute the coach made to Claire, and it was pretty special to still feel like I was almost there.

A little celebration afterwards:

Oh I love them!!

Sure proud of this girl…

…as well as all those other people in her village, which makes them in mine too.

We are all part of villages, large and small.

May we recognize our part, and step up to buoy and lift those around us in every way we can.

And also recognize the villages that lift and make us better, sometimes humbly, and so under the radar.


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  1. I’m sure you missed being there, but it’s so nice for siblings to start being there for each other as adults. Figure out how they fit together. It’s so beautiful to see.

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