It feels like there’s a giant hole in our family this week. Even with all the complete mayhem going on around to keep us so busy I can still feel it so strong…we are missing Max. He left for a basketball camp about two hours away early Monday morning and he’s been gone all week. I’m sure he’s having the time of his life…with his friends…playing ball…doing his own thing, but man I miss that boy. It was extra sad to have Grace’s birthday without him yesterday.

It’s weird how easy it is to take for granted someone you get used to being around every day until they’re gone and your heart just aches because you miss them so much. I’m so happy he’ll be back in a few hours…I can’t wait to hear all about his week, but most importantly just to have him around by my side. Boy I love that boy!

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  1. I was just telling my oldest who is leaving Monday morning for camp the same thing. I am going to miss him. I am not big on my kids being away for very long.
    He will be gone for a week too and that is just way too long. It does feel weird to have one missing.
    I am sure Max had a blast!

  2. I just got our boy back – he’s been in UT for EFY and then w/ his other mom and dad for another week.
    I understand the “void”. I’m so happy to have him home!! It’s a great feeling.

  3. i’m always excited at the idea of a “break” from one or all of the kids but i ALWAYS wish they were back as soon as they leave. motherhood is a sick and twisted thing. 🙂

  4. I am curious to hear how Max like the camp. Cole didn’t stay in the dorm his first year, but this year he got to stay with all his buddies….so he was loving it. Did you get to go up and watch the presentation and awards?

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