…and your kids do too.

(My Mom came first and then Charity surprised them, oh how they love that “favorite Aunt” of theirs!)

My Mom decided to come for Grace’s big dance concert since my Dad got to be here for Max and Elle’s tennis and volleyball stuff during the school year.

 …and Grace did beautifully.

…with an extra twinkle in her eye since she knew they were in the audience.

Dave’s Mom came too…on her very birthday.

I think it’s safe to say that girl felt well loved.

They also happened to be here for a speech I gave at a “Let’s Play Music” convention.
That is quite an organization, I tell you!  (For more info. click here.)
And, like Grace, my eyes twinkled a little brighter up there because they were there…and added such gems of wisdom.

We had some great talks in my little “office.”

I put my Mom to work helping with the piano.

Boy oh boy piano sure gets better when she’s around!

And it was hard to say goodbye.

 But knowing we’ll see them at Bear Lake soon enough made it all better.

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  1. oh that first pic made me swell up with tears, i have not seen my sisters in 5 years ( we were all having babies, and then this year the price of flights over doubled back to England).. so 5 years is wayyy to long… i am so happy you got to spend some time with her 🙂

  2. Have you had your kids do Let's play music?!? I hadn't heard of it until a year ago when a friend in AZ asked me to teach bc her daughter's teacher was moving out. I was having a baby and couldn't do it, but she invited me to a little training for piano teachers (since I teach piano lessons) and I was SO impressed. What an AMAZING program! Didn't know you were involved in that! But holy cow, I totally want my kids in it! If you can ever explain more about your thoughts on it, I'd love to hear! You're awesome! Glad you could enjoy some time with your Mom and sis! I never had a sister, but I can just see the sisterly love oozing out of both of you- so awesome.

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