I mentioned back HERE that Dave has some great books he’s read for his classes at Thunderbird that pulled me in to read them too. Atomic Habits is one, but this What Got You Here Won’t Get You There was so good as well:

It is filled up with so many things to think about. It talks through twenty habits that can hold you back. Things that could be a “blind spot” in your life to be aware of, and to work on.

It is written for those with business connections to recognize things that are so important to let go of for success: using the words “no,” “but,” and “however,” failing to give proper recognition, making excuses, clinging to the past, speaking when angry, etc.

All things that are certainly NOT just for business connections. I needed to read and internalize every single one of them for family connections. They are little things that make such a huge difference.

Marshall Goldsmith hones in on how we can add things that sometimes we forget are so incredibly important. Things like thanking people, genuinely apologizing when we’re wrong, following up (loved that part). Sure, we know this stuff, but I loved all the details and examples he shared.

But the chapter on listening is the one that hit me the most. Maybe because I’m working on “hearkening“? Maybe because I just need it the most?

Basically, there are three things that all good listeners do: they think before they speak; they listen with respect; and they’re always gauging their responses by asking themselves, “is it worth it?

It’s interesting that our “Emotional Resiliency” lesson a couple weeks ago was based on that same premise (have I talked about that class? We are doing this class with all the area Relief Society presidents to figure out how to incorporate it into our own congregations and it’s so good!)

Anyway, I loved the listening aspect in the chapter (9) about building healthy relationships.

There is nothing that builds a relationship better than “hearing” a person out. Listening without judgement. Trying to understand.

Also, listening in prayer makes prayer meaningful.

I could go on and on, but I’m out of time. Just wanted to come here and sing some praises to the beauty of listening.

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  1. I just put this book on hold at the library. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I liked atomic habits so I think I will really enjoy this too.

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