I grew up in a strong LDS family (LDS stands for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).

And as much as I don’t want to get all mushy-gushy on this blog about how thankful I am for that fact, most of my life revolves around and hinges upon how I was raised. I look back and thank my lucky stars that my parents had such a good framework in which to raise nine children. They sought out “spiritual solutions” when they were confronted with any type of parenting problem, and they utilized those solutions fully.

They set up our family with God at the center and prayed their hearts out to be guided. They prayed to know how to talk to us, and how to bring up tough topics. They held family meetings regularly (Family Home Evening) and helped us solidify our relationships together. They taught us to repent when we did something wrong and to try to love as God loves. They set up rules and boundaries for us. They let us have free agency to make our own decisions but gave us guidance and respect through it all. They relied on God to help them create a plan of happiness for us.

Now, I’m well aware that I’m biased, but I think my parents are pretty much perfect. The way they parent, the way they look at life, the way they live their lives. And they’ve written a bunch of books about all that stuff. But now they have a new one (just released last week) all about how to set up a family spiritually. It’s called “Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges.”My sisters and I had the opportunity to help edit part of it last summer up at Bear Lake and it pretty much sums up some pretty clear ways to rely on God more as we set up our families. It goes into all the detail about how we can model our families in such a way that they can be strong and united…and full of love.

I feel like all Christian families, LDS or not, strive to find spiritual solutions to raise their children, and this book gives some good ways to do it.

For more information click here and enjoy!

(Also, if you want more info. about their other books and philosophies you can click here.)


  1. Do your parents have a book on how and when to introduce the birds and the bees? I have a 5year old who is in kindergarten and I feel now is the time to start having those conversations, but I only want to give her age appropriate information as well. I was just wondering if there was something LDS related, because as I have looked the world tells us to lay it all out, I don't want to take away her own innocence though. Also where can I find out more about the bench you had as a family growing up that was used when there were arguments. I just admire your family so much. I have a big family and we have all been having some major relationship struggles and it pains my heart so much that we aren't as close as we all should be, so to see a family as strong as yours gives me hope that one day my family can be that way once again. Thank you for being a real mom and blogger and not portraying your life as perfect, but looking for the good in everything.

  2. I think I read most of their other books; I believe you're not too biased. 🙂 It shows in how balanced and happy your children are, how you have raised your own.

  3. The Oylers…
    I am going to take it upon myself to answer your question. Yes the Eyres put out a book called "How to Talk to your kids about sex". It is a great resource and even lists what is appropriate at different ages.

    I also LOVE the book 'Where Babies Come From' by Brad Wilcox (it is out of print but you can find used copies super cheap on Amazon). It is in storybook format and totally gospel centered. It doesnt talk about the "mechanics" in the book but gives ideas in the back of what to say at what ages etc. I have used it when pregnant and those questions come up very naturally!

  4. I am so excited to do a review of this book on my blog.

    I totally love all of your parents books and am really looking forward reading it. I could sure do with some guidance on spiritual solutions to help me raise my cherubs.

    To get my blog readers a little excited I even did a feature of your blog on my blog.

    Naomi x

  5. Shawni,
    You mention early morning workouts alot in your posts…and you always look SO GOOD..what's your secret for fitting it in with 5 kids and your endless to-do's? I'm struggling to make the time and you seem to have it figured out – anything you can share would be great!!

  6. Ok, sorry.. to clarify, I mean how do you find the time to work out AND shower/get ready for the day with so many children and other demands!?:)


  7. My sister and I have been "fans" of your blog since last Summer. Love everthing about you and your sweet family.

    My little boy started Joy School last fall… love it! We listen to the cd's all the time. Just put two and two together… everything clicked. LOVE your parents! Thank them for me. 🙂 (Now, I'm a bigger fan of your family!)

  8. I just got your parents book in the mail yesterday. I started reading it last night and I'm already loving it! I loved what Stephen Covey had to say about them. You have some pretty amazing examples in your life which is why you're so wonderful yourself. Thank-you for your example. Every time I read your blog it makes me excited and I want to be a better parent because of you!


  9. Shawni – I found your blog a while back because your sister-in-law, Kara Pothier and I were friends in Milwaukee before we moved. I just bought your parents book and am so excited to read it. Your family is an inspiration for my own! Thank you for allowing those of us from a distance admire the joys you share in your own home.

  10. I saw this book advertised in Deseret Book's circular, and actually went to Deseret Book with it on my list… but haven't bought it yet due to budget constraints. I'm definitely going to buy it though… someday. I'm even more excited to read it now knowing that it's your parents who wrote it. Thanks for sharing!

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