This year for spring break we decided if we were ever, ever going to move, we better stay home and get some serious work done.  

So we did.
And in my opinion it was one of the best weeks yet.  
My children’s’ opinion differs slightly from my own, but boy howdy did it ever feel great to work together to get so much done.  
Sure, it was just the very tippy-top of the iceberg of work that needs to be done around here, but it felt good to dig right on in.  
We laid out the game-plan for FHE on Sunday.

I always figure it’s best to lay out a tough plan of action on something visual and made up all cute-sy so kids will be tricked into thinking it’s going to be awesomely fun.

Ok, so not very amazingly cute-sy, but it was a good try…
The wool wasn’t pulled over most kids eyes, but I do think it helped.
…at least slightly.
They were all pretty excited about the “fun” part at the end:

Because you have to add in a little play with the work.  
We didn’t get to a lot of those, but the kids weren’t too sad about missing the “Insanity” “fun” one since doing Insanity isn’t really all together the most fun thing to do in the whole wide world.  Ha!
And then it began:

 Lu was obviously pleased as punch about taking that last picture…

 There was a ton of trash to haul at the new house.

All the dust about did these allergy kids in.

…as well as moving these humongous old glass windows:

But it made everyone pretty excited to try to toss the trash in to break them.

 Our garage went from this:

To this:
Which I’ll admit doesn’t look like the hugest deal, but believe me that was a LOT of stuff.  And that was just a tiny part of the work.

Cute family that Elle photographed on a beautiful golden day:

Trying to get the front yard started was a big goal for the week:

We hauled like eight of these over to the big dumpster at the new house:

Max missed out on some of the “fun” since he had tons of volleyball practice for a big tournament they had.

That face is the “I-really,-really-don’t-like-pictures-but-I’ll-do-it-for-you,-Mom.” look.

Sometimes I love social media since it gives me a little window into my kids’ lives that I don’t get to see first-hand.

Watching volleyball was a great treat to end the week on.

Oh man, lots of check marks accomplished.
…although it sure looks like Lu needs a lot more help on that bike of hers…
Slowly but surely we’re gonna tap away at that iceberg looming large in front of us.
And I think I’m gonna like the satisfaction of each thing we check off.  
Now back to real life.


  1. Hi Shawni,
    I just want to thank you for your excellent blog! I need your help! Could you blog about how to block the horrible ads that are on sidebars for all different sites now! They are horrible and I can't stand that I have to see them let alone my husband and sweet daughters. I haven't found any way so if you know could you share? Thanks!

  2. I love the lists, they're brill.

    I know I often say this but I can't believe how much Claire looks like Elle & how much Lucy looks like Grace, in fact in a couple of the pictures I thought it was Elle rather than Claire.

    When do you hope you move into your new house? I bet you can't wait.

    I was thinking of Charity today, hope he new job goes well.

  3. Love your photos in this post! Any chance you can tell me what lens was used on the indoor volleyball shots? My daughter just started playing and I'm looking to upgrade to something that can sustain such cruddy lighting.

  4. I've made these several times without adding peanut butter because of a nut allergy. I've always had to add more rolled oats because the mixture was too runny. Has anyone else had to do the same? Everyone that tries them loves them. Great to make on a hot summer day as no baking is required.

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