2013-03-11 iPhone 71077Dave’s Dad (in the middle above) grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho. 

His parents didn’t ski, but the elementary school provided a way for kids to get to the slopes and he took them up on it.  Later he was on the ski team in high school and has really become a phenomenal skier.

Providing for nine kids as an entrepreneur was no cake-walk for he and Dave’s mom, but they made a lot of sacrifices to made it a priority to get all nine of those kids skiing.  And in turn, they are now all amazing skiers.  I love to watch them all ski…especially Dave.  It is almost like a beautiful dance and he does it so well.

Needless to say, he has made skiing a priority for our family as well.  2013-03-14 spring break 71194(by the time we took this picture Max was back home for volleyball practices and Lu was tucked safely back home with my mom…thanks mom!)

As many of the families (Dave’s siblings) who can usually gather in Utah for spring break to ski it up together. 

Some of the cousins have gone to “the dark side” and taken up snowboarding, but everyone skis.2013-03-12 iPhone 710862013-03-11 spring break 71126
Here’s Dave’s Dad with some of the many grandkids he has patiently spent so much time on bunny hills with through the years and taught to ski:  2013-03-11 iPhone 71081It was so fun to get to ski with him this year.

And it was an extra bonus that his brother was able to join us as well:2013-03-12 spring break 71151Love those two brothers.

Especially since they taught me a little more this year and I actually started falling in love with skiing more than I have before.  2013-03-12 spring break 71135
It is pretty fun that all those kids can ski independently and that we adults got to take off really ski it up together.  They even cajoled me to do a few black diamonds that I fell in love with.2013-03-11 iPhone 71076
At one point we got lost, but it was the most gorgeous “lost” I have ever experienced.2013-03-11 iPhone 710712013-03-11 iPhone 71074
At night a couple of the families stayed with Dave’s little sister.  It was a serious party, especially with 23 of us trying to get ready for church together on Sunday.  I love chatting with all these good folks.2013-03-10 utah spring break 71201
And the cousins cannot get enough of each other.2013-03-10 utah spring break 712052013-03-10 utah spring break 71209-22013-03-10 utah spring break 712132013-03-10 utah spring break 712142013-03-10 utah spring break 712212013-03-10 utah spring break 712232013-03-10 utah spring break 712242013-03-10 utah spring break 71225
Lots of eating with that big group…2013-03-11 utah spring break 71228
Teenager clean-ups are always good…2013-03-10 utah spring break 71199
…and more skiing:2013-03-11 iPhone 710752013-03-11 iPhone 710782013-03-11 spring break 711242013-03-11 spring break 711272013-03-11 spring break 711292013-03-12 spring break 711392013-03-12 spring break 711502013-03-12 spring break 71152
Dave and his awesome Dad:2013-03-12 spring break 71147I wish I had a picture of his amazing Mom with Lucy who she took care of (along with a couple of the other little kids) for two days while we skied.  She is a hero.

We then transitioned into friend time. 

We met up with a whole slew of friends who either live in Utah or came there for Spring Break (most of these people meet up with us in CA for the 4th of July so it was kind of a reunion).
2013-03-12 spring break 71158We met at Training Table because a trip to Utah without cheese fries is a travesty.

These kids love each other so much!2013-03-12 spring break 711552013-03-12 spring break 711592013-03-12 spring break 711632013-03-12 spring break 711682013-03-12 spring break 711702013-03-12 spring break 71171
Tomorrow I’ll continue on with some other adventures, but that’s enough of a picture overload for today 🙂

(Part 2 is HERE)

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  1. Oh man that looks like fun, but the thing I'm still thinking about is fries from Training Table! That is something I've missed about Utah since moving to Texas almost 3 years ago. I remember the first time I went to Training Table I got a Ranch Burger, and I think I've gotten one every time since, and now you have me really wanting a ranch burger!

  2. I never did understand the appeal of strapping two planks to your feet and throwing yourself off a snowy mountain! LOL. I do understand the appeal of family time and friend time though – looks like you had an amazing time.

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