Spring break is almost over.

Shucks, school starts again on Monday.

But man alive we have had a great time here:
…with four of our kids impressing us on the slopes.
I have hundreds of pictures to sort through as we have jam-packed our time with family and friends, but for now I’ll leave you with this picture:Because it typifies how I travel with kids. It seems that I’m always lugging bags upon bags along with a crying child through the airport. (You can’t see the hefty backpack on my back in addition to the visible three other bags and car seat…oh, and a fifty-pound child.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy as can be that Dave refuses to drive with Lucy (he’d rather sell an organ to get us tickets to fly than be stuck in a confined space with her antics). And Lu and I had a great flight. She was as good as gold. I was thanking my lucky stars that she decided it was a walking day instead of a “whine-to-be-carried-as-much-as-possible-while-clinging-with-a-vise-grip-on-your-mother’s-legs” kind of day.

But I did feel bad for the many people who walked by us smiling at her (man, people LOVE her cheeks) who she scowled at and yelled, “This is MY mommy, NOT your mommy” as she ran to catch up with me. She’s a feisty little sucker.

I’ll take this trip any day over this one last year.

And for sure I’d take it any day over poor Dave’s driving trip up here…caught in a humongous snow storm going 20 mph most of the way while jet-lagged from China.

Hmmmm, maybe I should carry more bags next time I fly to feel better about getting such a good end of the deal. That boy (my husband) is amazing.

Lu and I fly home tomorrow and I’ll have to post a whole bundle of trip pictures from there.

For now, here are a couple of my wonderful friends I got to see up here:

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