I can hardly write without a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the very kind comments yesterday.  I added a a little post-edit thank you over there with some other details. I wrote this a looooooong time ago (last school year) and somehow never got around to posting it so here you go… When I was in high school I scarcely knew that volleyball existed.  But here in the desert it’s a pretty big deal.  And I’m in love with it.  I have become a nerdy high school mom who can’t get enough of her son’s sport.  I laugh at myself.  Dave laughs at me (but I will tell you that he is just as nerdy as I am with loving it).  I mean, not only is it intense and fun to watch, but I get to see my own boy play a ton in the JV games, and sit and support a ton in the Varsity games:2013-04-17 misc 73865 Max had a great season this year.  He is really getting this thing and has come such a long way.  2013-04-24 volleyball 744842013-04-24 volleyball 744862013-04-24 volleyball 744882013-04-24 volleyball 744922013-04-24 volleyball 744972013-04-24 volleyball 744992013-04-25 volleyball 74519I love that expression in that last one… 2013-04-25 volleyball 74526 I love the intensity of their coach:2013-05-01 last volleyball 74823 2013-04-25 volleyball 74534 Then it was on to the state tournament.  Dave and I happened to be out of town (planned way before and we knew our team would be in the finals and we always knew Max wouldn’t be playing even if we did make it to the finals).  We were dying to be there but luckily were able to watch online.  We were freaking out when they won just like all those hysterical kids. 2013-05-12 misc. 75369 They had an end-of-season serious party to celebrate. They even taught the boys to hula dance.2013-05-16 end of school 75557 2013-05-16 end of school 755622013-05-16 end of school 755682013-05-16 end of school 75569 Our jumping with glee pics. in the dark didn’t come out so hot.2013-05-16 end of school 75572 Max was glad to move from the “Most Improved Player” award at the end of last year to the “Most VALUABLE Player” this year for the JV team. 2013-05-16 end of school 75576Fast forward to now (since I wrote that first part like forever ago). Max has a couple regional tournaments under his belt (the one we went to is back here), and is playing club volleyball.  We’ll see where this season takes them! I’ll come back to add the slide show and some other pics. later, but here are a few favorites a professional photographer took. 2013-09-18 untitled 864252013-09-18 untitled 864262013-09-18 untitled 86429 Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.44.01 PM2013-09-18 untitled 86431Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.44.44 PM

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  1. I played volley ball from year 9, after year 8 netball got too b*tchy and exclusive! I'd never played volleyball, but grew up going to games my parents coaches! I even saw it live at the Sydney Olympics (I'm from Australia), it's a pretty action packed game – nice to watch! I love the way you love your kids and everything they do. One day, I'll be a mum, and I know in my heart, you will be my inspiration to show and share all the joy, even though all you post isn't joyous, the point is, you're a role model to who I'd like to be.

  2. So fun! Max is such a cute boy. He reminds me of Andrew Garfield, the new Spiderman.

    I think it's GREAT you're into his sport. That's what moms are for- cheerleading!

  3. How fun to see this again! We were at Saydi's in Boston watching it along with you! Thanks for pointing out Max. We couldn't find him! This year is going to be awesome. That kid is growing like a weed! He's got to be 6'6". Maybe Tal's going to be looking up to him. Who knows! SO fun!

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