I have a bazillion things I should be doing right now, but I just have to post these pictures from the strings concert the other night.

They’re nothing fabulous, but I’m telling you I could hardly take this picture through the blur of love tears in my eyes.
Check out that determination on his face. Oh my word it makes my eyes well up again right now thinking about how much I love this boy. I can’t imagine life without his kind, mellow, caring soul leading the way for my other kids. How did I get so lucky?
And then there’s conscientious Elle, mom #2 in our family. My eyes are doing it all over again.

These two started their own blogs. After over a year of begging, I finally let Elle start her own…then Max was quick to join in. It looks like they need to update them, but I think they are so darn cute (you can click on their names to see them or check the side bar). Too bad they don’t do typing classes in school so they can write more.

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  1. don’t they just make you crazy with love when they do things like this? i am always so moved by music but there is something about children making music that always brings tears to my eyes. primary programs….always a mess, even before i had kids of my own.

  2. Oh my gosh their little blogs are so darn cute!
    The way they talk about Lucy especially Max….what a good older brother!
    You have some great kids!

  3. I love that the schools teach them instruments starting in 5th grade. Aren’t those concerts fun? I have been debating letting Kassidy start a blog (and email?) she wants to but I’ve been holding her back. especially on the email, I’m scared she will sign up for a zillion things. They’re growing so fast. Perhaps I will let her though. Max and elle’s blogs are cute.

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