Time is racing by and I can’t keep up. Wait, have I said that before? Hmmm. Seems to be an ongoing theme around here.

So before all this stuff leaks out of my brain I need to write about it. These are not numbered in order of importance, except for the first one:

First and foremost, Dave had a birthday and I never even got on this blog to write how much I love him and how awesome he is. That was actually part of his birthday present. But just for the record, I do love him, and he is awesome. Oh, and let’s add to the record that he declared it one of his best birthdays ever. I think part of that was due to the fact that his sister got him donuts for breakfast, he got to go golfing, and to dinner with a bunch of his family.
…and he got his favorite mud pie.
In much lesser news, Lucy colored the playroom and herself blue…twice. Her shirt, her pants, the doll house, the table, a chair, barbies, the tea set, the doll bed, even the inside of the CD player. Need I say she’s into coloring lately? Yeah, I know, maybe putting away the markers out of reach would help, but I’ve got some serious coloring maniacs for daughters and they have a tough time putting stuff away when they’re done. Oh, our kitchen cabinets are sporting some great red drawings plastered over the front of them right now too. I can’t get it off.

After 16 days of waiting, the tooth fairy FINALLY paid up for Grace. The fact the tooth fairy forgot so many nights in a row is unfortunately not uncommon in our house. But this particular instance still quite impressive due to the fact that poor Grace reminded her mom every single night to remind the tooth fairy to come, and even wrote a couple notes in desperation. But Grace showed her toothless grin pretty darn well after a pile of coins finally showed up under her pillow one day.
Our nephew Cameron came to town and we got him for a day. His family lives in Wisconsin and we don’t get to see them nearly as often as we’d like. It was great to get reconnected and show him the ropes of disco bowling.
Lucy found her belly button.…and she learned the joy of building towers with plastic cups. Seriously, she LOVES this (that’s why I mistakenly thought the cups on the airplane to and from Boston would do the trick…totally wrong).
I caved into pressure and joined some friends to go see the much hyped movie “Twilight.” Someone in town rented an entire movie theater and it was pretty funny to be there with all these other moms watching this totally teenage movie. But, I must say that since my expectations were at an all-time low I actually liked the movie. I only read the first book but it followed it pretty well and it was pretty entertaining, if you like the pouty teenager kind of thing.

Homework partners:
The kids had crazy tie & sock day at school. They go nuts for those things.
Elle & Grace got their beloved cousin sleep-over.

Our Primary had a chance to plant our own ward tree at the temple.
My brother Jonah and his wife Aja came for a stop-over on their way to Tucson for Thanksgiving. My girls were in hog heaven to have their kids around and boy do I love those guys.
Aunt C.L. came for Thanksgiving. It was fun to get her for an afternoon while she and the kids made us some delicious cookies.
Lucy is connected at the hip to her baby and her silky blankie and I love it. Love the “matching” jammies too.
We decorated for Christmas. Wow that sure is a job. I had to tell Dave to tell me “good job” and give me a back massage for it a few times. I think I still need one more foot rub…

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  1. Decorating for Christmas is a HUGE job! You totally desearve a foot rub! Sounds like you have had some crazy weeks….
    I wouldn’t have ran in the rain either!

  2. Hi Shawnie,

    I found your blog through Nicole Mason’s. I love your pictures and you have a beautiful family. You always have such inspiring things to say. Makes me want to change my ways and not be such a slacker mom.

    Take care!

  3. Shawni,
    I found your blog through the blog network and was thrilled! It sounds like you are doing great and your family is adorable! I have yet to send out our Christmas Cards, perhaps you can plan on a New Years card this year.
    Love to you my friend!


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