Man alive.

I only have a minute but I’ve got to get this blog off of greeting people with a throw-up post.

It’s Grace’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grace! Boy howdy is she ever the most excited person about a birthday there ever could be. More about her later.

In other news, I got another humongo cold sore, Dave and I had an anniversary (more on that later too), we drive back and forth from swim and dive team 3 to 5 times every morning, I bit off more than I can chew with a little “sprucing up the house” project, I’m trying to train my kids not to ignore me (and that is very serious business I tell you), we’ve packed up and un-packed and re-packed and done mountains of laundry over and over again. Our air conditioning broke…twice (that’s not good in the desert…not good at all).

I finally got huffy enough with the Mac people about all my computer woes that they handed me over a sparkling brand-spanking new one. Now I’m finally a Mac lover. No freezing or troubles so far. But the transition has sure slowed down my downloading picture process.

I’m off to try to figure out how the heck to make a paper mache pinata. Grace’s b-day tradition is a pinata but I think it’ll be fun to make our own this year. Wish us luck!

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  1. Try blowing up a balloon and then putting the paper mache over it. That works pretty well. Afterward, you can cut a flap out of the top to put candy and treats and what-not in.
    But leave a couple of hours to dry the paste, or else it falls apart. I hope Grace has an amazing birthday!


  2. grace did this in kindergarten! she'll be a pro 😉 tell her that Mrs. Dosil says "Happy Birthday!" please…and as far as your throw up etiquette post, i thought it was perfectly normal and funny (and too true!) Kelli

  3. I can't wait for pictures of the birthday. I am still getting used to my mac. I don't want to tell anyone that I miss my PC for fear of coming off as a total nerd!

  4. Your summer sounds like mine so far. Can I just tell you how gorgeous Grace is! She is! Happy birthday to her. I love how all your kids love taking pictures!
    Glad you love your mac! I love love love mine! I found that I had a easier time downloading pictures for my blog on firefox…

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