A few people have asked about our summer goals/expectations this year and I promised I’d get to it before the end of the summer.  And since OUR summer is drawing to a close (we start school on August FIRST of all horrible times to let go of summer…still smack-dab in the MIDDLE of the summer as far as I’m concerned!), here I am.
It’s not a miraculous amazing new development (we’ve done “summer goals” for as long as I can remember…see more about them HERE and probably 73 other places on this blog).  I haven’t had any grand epiphanies. But our family is changing and morphing so much, those sweet “summer goal” posters that used to line our kitchen each summer and my control of the progress and process has changed and morphed so much that this year all I got was blank stares each time I mentioned it was time to get going on them.
This led to a mini-flip-out.  Or freak-out.  Whatever you want to call it.  And actually, I don’t why “mini” got typed over there, because it wasn’t mini.  I was MAD I tell you!
So I came up with my own “expectations” rather than goals.  They lost their chances to have their own plans 🙂  And we got to work.

These are the charts the girls made just to have a visual, but these have their own additions:

…and Lucy’s is missing for some reason in this picture…
My personal only “expectations” were these:
1) one-hour of reading every day
2) at least a half an hour of movement (exercise) per day
3) tell me one current event each day
4) write in journal (with journal prompt) each day
and 5) read the entire Book of Mormon together this summer.
Oh yeah, that end one sure is a big one!  But both girls want to finish Personal Progress by the time it ends at the end of 2019 so I figured summer is the best time to do it.  We are reading a LOT every day (except that we are here at Bear Lake and the reunion threw a little wrench in our progress).  Still determined to get that thing done.
Anyway, there you go.  Amazing right?  HA!  But I do have to say that sometimes a freak-out can create some movement and I really do think we are all benefitting from these expectations.  One of my favorite motherhood epiphanies (that I get over and over and over again) is that expecting a lot is a good thing.  Especially when you do it together.  We’ve had a ton of together time this summer and we are all glowing from it.
So much more to say, but we’ve got to get to work on all these expectations so I’m signing off for today.

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