We are big summer goal fans in our family.

We have done them for so many years now that the kids just go on auto-pilot and start writing them down as soon as school is out.
(See Claire’s deep concentration?)

We have the kids concentrate on three areas: 1) physical, 2) spiritual, and 3) mental.

We’ve been sticklers for exactly how to set up summer goals in years past…big posters with lots of little “bubbles” for them to fill in when they finish each part of the goal.

Then Dave introduced “calendar tracking” last year so that it would be easier for them to check their progress.

This year we gave them creative license to do their goals any which way suited them. They came up with a few different drafts before their final plans (and I have reserved the right to help tweak a few things here and there).

Elle started with this:
Then she divided it all into calendar form. Here’s her June she’s been keeping track of:(That was taken back on the 8th so yeah, doesn’t show a whole ton of progress.)

Max decided to keep his pretty simple this year:
…which is totally fine by us…except that he needs to figure out his Eagle project plan too.

(She’s added the “bubbles” to fill in since then, and yeah, some of those need to be tweaked just a tad to make them more track-able…esp the last one….)

This was Claire’s first draft and I’m including it for two reasons:
1) I love that she thinks she wants to do P90X two times a week (I told her she could substitute a different workout if she decides she wants to), and
2) I love that it documents how Lucy’s favorite color is black and she somehow figures out how to round up black markers and color on anything she can get her hands on these days…yes, that’s her artwork showing through from the back.

Here’s her final draft:
Yeah, she is teaching Joy School and man alive is she ever a great teacher (more on that later). And yes, she wants to be “friends” with Ammon and Mormon in the scriptures, meaning she wants to read about them enough to call them “friends.” (I did that when I was young and I still remember it.)

So far we actually haven’t been home all that many days, but when we’re here these girls are serious about their swimming laps and workouts.
Maybe Dave and I are rubbing off on them after all…

Maybe a little too much. But hey, it’s sure better than sitting around playing video games.

As for me, I am using this book as my guide for my summer goals:

Once again I threw away every flyer for summer camps and classes and we are sticking around together here as long as we’re in town (which is not very much). A whole slew of friends join us each day after the kids are done with their morning chores/goals.

Each child is assigned a night to be in charge of making the dinner of their choice, we have cleaned out multiple drawers and closets, I am trying to make time for a mini “science camp” and to finish sewing our aprons we started last summer.

As always, I realize that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, but we’re trying to go with the flow and just enjoy being together.

Yep, I like summer.

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  1. since i found out about your summer goal, i think it changed my life LOL I was so excited about summer, but also dreading the 'i'm bored' phase. So i talked to my children about it, and we are going to set summer goals.. i am soo excited. i am going to join the fun too!! thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!
    ps, I have never been that consistent with having chores for kids. Please can you tell me what child does what.. that way it gives me an idea on what is acceptable at for their ages.. PLEASE LOL!!!

  2. this is really a great idea. It is funny how the simple things are so difficult to coem up with on your own. I love how ogranized your family is. I really think it helps you all to accomplish things in life and teach your children how to also.

  3. I need a do-over in parenting!!!! I love your ideas, but even more, how gangbusters your family is to do everything you come up with! Your blog is a joy to read and always leaves me with a good feeling…except about how I do things!! lol!

  4. We did summer goals last year after reading about it on your blog and it really was a great addition to our summer vacation experience.

    I've got grand plans to once again get our goals all written out and posted in the kitchen once we get home from vacation this weekend.

    Thanks for awesome ideas!

  5. I love this and I think Blake should come up with some too. I think mine is going to become friends with the D&C! Thanks for the ideas! Hope things are great with you! love, robyn

  6. Love it! Thank you. We've been doing stuff…I don't know why I made it so complicated. This is perfect. Thank you for all of your insight. I've used a LOT of stuff and applied them to my family. Thank you thank you!!!

  7. Just listened to your parents Webinar on Entitlement Trap. I love the Summer Goals idea. Can you tell me more about the reward part of it?

  8. I loved reading your kids goals, what a fun idea. We have some goals this summer too and one of them was having each child help cook dinner each night and taking only one with me to the grocery store to learn about buying foods. Since I've taken up walk/jog at my school track once/twice a week one of the kids will come with me. That was my other goal to spend more one/one with each child. I think it's great that you throw away all the summer camp papers, we do that too except for Vacation Bible school at church, this is the highlight of their summer. Good luck and thanks for the inspiration.

  9. We're just sitting down to make our summer goals at the family meeting tonight. Nursery (pre-school)is not out for another month, but we want to get a head start.

    Tell me, do you make any goals for Lucy, or have her do any regular chores? My girl is about the same age I think (4 1/2) and we've decided to start her on regular chores and the summer goals this summer (good luck to us- I'm quaking in my boots just thinking about it, there will be some serious tantrums ahead, but I've realised she needs more structure).

  10. Can you share how you deal with the desert heat? does that end up keeping your kids inside more than you'd like? Maybe that is why they are working out with Jillian Michaels? Surprises me for ones so young. Does Lucy have summer goals?

  11. So fun! I love seeing what other families are up to in the summer, especially in regards to goals. I have big plans for my girls, too, and each day is pretty organized. I love having a summer "bucket list" of things we want to do this summer. Planning is half the fun!

  12. I see that Elle is going to Girl's Camp, as the YW President do you go with your Ward? I get to go for a few days, but can't get off work to go the whole week. Girl's camp is a favorite around here, hope you get a chance to go.

  13. This is so inspirational to me! i love that first comment about how it changed her life! It changed mine! I hope it's ok I linked to this post on my blog when talking about my summer goals. Thanks for your blog. It truly blesses my life!

  14. I found your blog through your sisters. I have read a couple of your parents' books and find them so inspirational. I would love to come to one of your conferences sometime.

    I spent the better part of a day a few weeks ago {when school got out} making new summer chore charts and goals with the kids. I'm just glad that my children and fairly simple to motivate and this point it time. The chores they do because we're part of a family and we all help out, but their reading goals {I'm a huge advocate of summer reading} they get a Sonic slushy, or a trip to the dollar store each time they fill it up. Their chart has 40 squares. I initial a square for every 10 pages read of a book on their reading level, for every book they read to a younger sibling, or for each page of scripture. It's wonderful how often I find them reading and that they are reading to their younger siblings more and reading the scriptures. I love looking outside after chores are done and finding them reading in the hammock, as opposed to watching TV or playing video games. Not that they never do that, but at least they get their reading in first.

    I will definitely have to check in on your blog for inspiration :)!

  15. I noticed that Claire had written a goal to make friends with Ammon and Mormon. How do you encourage your children to read the scriptures in such a way that drives them to know the people intimately and build relationships with the stories that will help them draw parallels in their own lives.

    Thanks Alison

  16. So I must admit Im a regular 'stalker' of your blog.
    After reading about you and your family, for some reason, I just feel its right to comment. Tonight I finally shared with my hubby your money system.

    I seriously don't know how i stumbled on your blog but am very grateful of you and all the wisdom you have passed on to me and my family

    Thank you for all your work and sharing your love.


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