I must say summer is shaping up quite nicely around here.

Despite the fact that the first thing Grace did when she got home from school on the last day was cover her face in desperation and start bawling about how much she already missed her teacher (yes, she is a drama queen), she seems to have overcome her separation gloom and is doing just dandy along with the rest of them.

It doesn’t hurt that we spent the first couple days of summer kicking it off at a near-by resort with a full-on water park in it (you can get such great summer rates at these places here). My friend kind of set this up and it ended up that we went along with about thirty other moms with their kids. No Dads. We missed Dave but I have to say I loved having the kids all to myself for one night. We stayed up late and swam to our hearts content. Do I even need to say we had fun? (The first day we left Lu with a babysitter, then Dave brought her to meet us the next morning. She loved the “lazy river” after a few times around freaking out.) And I have to admit, these water slides were awesome. The only one I could talk into doing it with me was Max though gosh darn it. What a boy.
We unpacked and then Dave and I re-packed and headed up to his sister’s cabin in the gorgeous mountains. My hero brother Josh kept the kids at home. Have I mentioned how much I love him?

How could you have anything but an amazing weekend here?:
…to celebrate a birthday with this awesome sister:golfing,eating out,Laying by the pool, and staying up talking and playing games? So relaxing and rejuvenating.

Then my jet-setting sister and her husband flew in with a few of their kids for a business meeting yesterday. We got to spend the day together. The kids were in heaven. And so was I.We had our first “summer spa day.” The plan is to do this every week…manicures, pedicures and “relaxation masks” with any friends who want to come. Hmmmm. That may have been the first and last time…lots of work. We’ll see if the “b-ball shoot-out mania” idea with Max will make the every week thing. Since it still hasn’t started I’m not too sure!
Oh, and I can’t forget that another great kick-off was that Max finally let us talk him into chopping off his mop of hair. Dave almost got me to buzz his too, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it…yet. Keep your eye out for seeing him with a shaved head before too long.
We’re heading out to go camping with a few families today. The crazy thing is that Dave told me “we’re” in charge of food. I figured that meant “I” was in charge of food, but that sweetheart has done every last bit of it himself. Wow, that makes for a relaxing pack-up. I have time to sit here and blog for crying out loud. I could get used to this. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store.

Note: lest you think this summer’s gone off without a hitch so far, know I’m saving the crazy stuff for another post. Along with the good there has to be some bad, right? And boy do I have some material!

Bad or good stuff going on, crazy or relaxing, I LOVE SUMMER!! My time is mine. My kids are mine. Dave’s more relaxed, and I love it!

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  1. Those are some great summer memories already. And it doesn’t hurt that we have the most AWESOME May and June weather right now. I am sure that will be changing, but hey, we should enjoy it why we can.

    So I bet when I saw you at Costco that day and we both thought each other looked familiar, we probably spent some time at the Bloomfields pool together also. Katie said you took lessons from her for the years she did them at her house in Circle G. Just a small, small world.

  2. Amen to that, sista! I CAN’T WAIT for school to be out. They don’t get out here until next Thursday. I’m excited to have MY kids all to myself, on MY time with no bus to catch. Max’s hair is fabulous! I’m going to show Cam (Mark’s been threatening to zip it all off on the last day of school). I’m going to start making him wear a ponytail until he caves in to cutting it. (just kidding). Enjoy your weekend…

  3. Oh it is so fun to catch up on your blog. Yes, we will have to plan a cousins get together…I did see Kara at the shower. But I haven’t seen anyone else in so long! Maybe at Ella’s baptism?

  4. Wow, you do not waste any time. I am loving lucy in the bikini…what a cute little chunky monkey…I loved your post about her the other day too.

    Wish I lived closer so I could come to some of those classes…I would love them.

  5. what a fun summer kick off. Is Max almost as tall as you??? It looked like it in one of the pictures, I imagine he’s not but I am guessing he is tall for his age. Are you going to Utah this summer???

  6. AMEN! I LOVE SUMMER TOO!! There’s something about having absolutely NO obligations and agendas that just make life so wonderful. We can eat these kids up however much we want. They are in OUR hands and in no one elses. JUST THE BEST. Honestly- I can’t get enough of your cute family! So there’s a chance we’ll see you at your parenting class…I’ll know here in the next 2-3 days if I’m going to be able to make it. If not, THEN THE NEXT WHATEVER YOU TEACH I’LL BE THERE!!

  7. You sure know how to pack it up and pack it in! This all looks like lots of fun! The masks are so cute. Is that resort in Scottsdale? I keep hearing about these fun places there that have great rates in the summer. Looks like you are making the most of this time off with the kids. Good stuff.

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