It feels like summer took a swift turn from those lackadaisically carefree days with everyone checking off their summer goals, the structure of doing jobs, reading, practicing, trying not to melt in the desert heat to an upheaval of all that regularity as we packed up and set off for the BBS conference that happened to be in Utah this year.  From that point our family togetherness has ebbed and flowed as we unpacked and repacked our car staying in six different places that first week with different side-kicks at each stop. Max has joined us a little, Dave and Grace have had to get back and forth to the desert for work, Claire has had the chance to stay with some cousins, Lucy got to meet a whole new world of BBS kids, we shifted up our long-standing California 4th of July tradition because of that conference and spent it in Provo this year, we’ve had the opportunity to hang with lots of cousins, Elle has joined in via FaceTime from all different spots and we’ve juggled Bo Jangles through it all.  What are we doing with a dog??  Ha! 

Gotta figure out how to record all the thoughts that have been swirling around in my brain alongside all the different things we’ve been doing for our family record…luckily I’ve been taking notes:)  
For now I’ll close with some pictures of a “summer front porch.”
Because when I looked out the front door one day I couldn’t help but stop and take some pictures.
Partly because of those bikes.  There is a whole slew of neighborhood boys who come to jump on our trampoline any chance they get.  We love it.
And any time you see a bunch of bikes together it just seems like summer, right?

But I also had to stop and take pictures because of this tree:

I know all those vibrant blossoms won’t last for long, but they took my breath away every time I passed the front door for a couple weeks.

So there we go.

Happy summer so far (it’s dwindling quick for us since we start school in just a few weeks, yikes!). 

Holding on to these days while they last!


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