This is our Primary in our branch here in China:

We had our primary program last month and it was the best (which miraculously always seems to be the case in Primary programs…no matter what crazy antics the kids pull).
Dave and I got to be front and center of the program this year (ha!)  You see, we are the “Sunbeam” teachers which, for us, means we do our darnedest every week (at least the weeks we are in town) to create some semblance of reverence and learning with the three kids we get to teach.  
And we love it.  For reals, they are the best.
Three kids?  You may ask…isn’t that just a cakewalk?  But you probably wouldn’t ask that question if you spent a Sunday with them because we have three of the busiest 3 and 4-year-olds I ever did see.  And I’ve seen a lot of them.  They are the cutest, most fun and energetic kids you could ask for and they specialize in lifting large chairs above their heads, jumping off anything they can see, and frog jumps through the primary room during sharing and singing time.   And they are talented at those things, I tell you!
Luckily Dave can mesmerize them with Bible stories…

…especially ones where he infiltrates beautiful butterflies or a random dinosaur here and there (I know, a little irreverent but I think God understands).

We have also found that “Dead Donkey” story time works wonders (where whoever stays the quietest laying on the floor for the longest wins…thanks for that idea Sayds!)  Best game ever.

So back to the Primary Program where we sat on the front row of the stage with our little friends with nothing in front of us (no little pony wall or podium) to contain the excitement of the day.  Right as the program began and the first older child got up to share his talk, one of our little girls stood right up quick-as-a-wink and took a flying, graceful leap right off the front of the stage.  It was like it was all in slow motion.  Then she ran and bounced back up the stairs and did a little dive under our chairs to come back to sit with us (when there’s not much room on the sides you just improvise by going under things).  It was a great introduction to the program which was beautiful BTW.  I always love it back home too, but our primary is so big that the kids only get to say a few words in order to give everyone a turn.  These kids got to give real live talks from the heart and we loved what we heard of it while trying to keep our kids on the stage for the rest of the time :).

Trying to get a picture our last day of teaching pretty much summed it all up.

We learned so much from these three and will miss them!

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  1. So cute! I think the antics are a must have in any primary presentation.

    Our primary is large by eastern Canada standards (75 kids) and we have opted for a talk version of a presentation. Instead of one sentence per child, we chose two kids from each class, and at least one child from every family, to read a scripture or give a talk. Each year we rotate who speaks so that different children get to do it each year.

    Next year, we will actually do two primary presentations – one with all the junior primary kids, in September, and then one with all the senior kids in November. This will also give more kids a chance to speak.

  2. Reading this makes me think of how my sons teacher must have felt when he was in sunbeams. Busiest craziest 3 year old despite his parents best efforts 🙂

  3. Are you sure you're talking about the sacrament meeting primary program? In about one hour I'm about to have my adorable little sunbeams up front and I'm trying not to have a major panic attack, thus why I'm on here searching for help. You'd think with this being my 6th program I'd have it all figured out, but it's always a miserable nightmare. Worst day of the entire year for me. I hope and pray I don't faint.

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