You guys, I am so late posting, but I HAD to get on here quick to share that I’m doing the “Come Follow Me” devotional today.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared the story I share on there today here on the blog, but it’s all about a really hard day when Lucy was younger and I was sure God must have got it wrong: how could I be the mom to help this daughter through all the troubles she was sure to face.

And then I had a pretty little intervention from the God I believe in who is so filled up with compassion.

The mom I talked about in the story posted some things about it in response:

I love her.

And so grateful for her example, and all the moms examples out there who lift and build and who are “in my corner” as I strive to be in theirs.

If you don’t have the app to watch it, go download it! It’s the BEST with a new, short devotional each day.

You can find it HERE.

Happy late Sunday!!

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