There is this hike in Hawaii that has countless steps. 

And although I’ve never personally taken that hike, I have wondered about all those steps as I’ve seen them hanging somewhat precariously peeking out from the lush greenery-laden volcanic mountains you can see from the freeway.

I’ve thought about how we have so many of those “steps” in a spiritual sense that lead through our lives.  Steps toward our own, personal “spiritual conversion.” 

Steps we have choose to take, one by one. 

It’s not like an escalator we can just stand on, and have it take us where we want to go.

Nope, we have to exert some emotional, mental and faith-filled energy to take each step…each with new vistas and learning curves.

Faith is not just handed to us.  It is gained.  And really, that spiritual conversion isn’t ever really “gained” or “accomplished,” it’s not something we can just check off on our list and be “done” with.  It is a continual process.

I loved a quote that I saw at my friend’s house so much that I wrote it up on our chalk-board this week:

I’m so excited to take some “steps” on my path to my own spiritual conversion this weekend listening to General Conference. 

Join us if you’d like!  You can find ways to tune into the live broadcast HERE, as well as some ideas to help to prepare for all those grand listening opportunities.   

Happy weekend!

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