I may as well start calling these “Monday Ponderings” instead of Sunday ones since I tend to be a little late on them.  I’m slowly getting my act together around here, but here we are again on a Monday 🙂

I love the new program our church is doing called Come Follow Me.

It’s a study guide complete with all kinds of study helps, questions and thoughts to ponder as we study the New Testament this year (you can find it HERE, and I already wrote a little about it HERE, and also a little bit HERE).

I love it first of all because it is so beautifully anchored in the scriptures and the life of Christ.  I have learned so much this year and it’s still just March!

But I also love it because we are all studying the same thing. Sunday School, Primary, Young Women, etc. all talking through the same scriptures. So when we discuss as a family, the kids have things to add from what they’ve learned at church, and at church they can contribute with what we’ve studied at home.  It is a pretty awesome cycle, so simple yet fantastic.

We’ve struggled a little bit with our family meetings to get kids to do more of the teaching but I’ve discovered something that really helps.

So I figured I better share it.

Super simple but it kinda works wonders around here.When I review the lesson myself (which means I have to STUDY the lesson myself, which doesn’t always happen, so don’t go thinking I’m all perfect at this…).  But when I do, I underline and circle parts I think that the girls could give a good lesson on.  Just little segments so they’re not overwhelmed, and then I text the screenshot to them like this:

Or this:

Did you know if you take a screenshot it gives you an option to use some little tools that come up at the bottom of the screen to underline, star, or circle?  And you can underline all pretty by highlighting the text you like and choosing what you want to do to mark it up.

I know, I really am missing my calling as a tech-whiz I tell you!

(Actually my brother taught me that handy-dandy thing, and probably everyone else on the planet knows it except for me, but just in case you didn’t know that fun fact, there you go.  It’s pretty cool.)

Yesterday we had to have our little family meeting in the car after church en route to pick up Bo from where we left her while we were gone for Spring Break and we were a little pressed for time and Dave had meetings all day.  Sooo, I had the girls just pull out their phones, pull up LDS tools, and each read a paragraph and a few of the scriptures and we had a pretty great car discussion.

Sure, I complain about technology taking my girls hostage at times, but then something like that happens and I want to just hoist technology on my shoulders and pat it on the back because it is pretty grand to be able to have all that at your fingertips.

Also, I love that I teach primary so sometimes I have little things from my lessons that I can bring home and add to our lessons:And my girls perk up and think they actually have a fancy mother.

So there you go, just a little thing that helps around here, hoping it helps fellow strugglers out there!

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  1. I LOVE the Come Follow Me program. It has been AMAZING!
    I'm with Holly, I don't know how to take a screen shot, so the fact that you know how to underline and do stars and all that is quite advanced. 🙂 I don't do much on my phone. I'm doing this on my laptop. 🙂 Lucky primary kids to have you for their teacher.

  2. I heard a great idea yesterday. Save the image of the beautiful art work that goes along with each lesson to your phone, and use it as your wallpaper or backdrop for the week! Everytime you look at your phone it is a reminder of what you discussed!

  3. I love this!!! We have 4 littles and our lessons each week range from full of love and great spiritual insight – to – “good heavens, let’s be done!!” Looks swapped between my husband and I as our kids cry or bother each other. But each week, it seems to help the messages sink deeper and deeper into our hearts and home. I’m so grateful for the Come Follow Me curriculum! We typically talk about a paragraph at breakfast each morning (let’s be honest, it happens a lot less than I’d like it to. 😉).
    And the pictures are so so so beautiful in the manual. I got a second and cut them all out so my kids could actually see them. I hang it up (when I remember – ha!) and it’s added to some great discussions.

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